Starfish for FCC Students

Starfish provides comprehensive tools that will help you connect with Fresno City College resources. It gives faculty a way to communicate your progress throughout the semester to ensure the right people are able to intervene when needed.

Tips for Starfish Success

How to login to Starfish

You can access Starfish directly using your campus login credentials.


Starfish student menuClick on the menu in the top left hand corner of your Home page and select My Success Network.

Your network displays the people and offices that are available to help you succeed.

Your Connections

Your Connections lists your instructors and any possible primary counselors you may have.

Your Services

Your Services lists reflect resources that are available to you. Your Pathway(s) listed is based on your current active major(s). If you’re looking to see a counselor in a different area of expertise, you can use the search bar on top. You can search by name or service.

Ram Logo

Look for FCC services with a Ram! If you are taking courses at one of the other SCCCD campuses, you may see their services as well. 


Tip! If a service includes a waiting room for walk-in appointments, you can click the “Waiting Room” link to find out how many students are currently in line.

Select dashboard on left menuClick on the menu in the top left hand corner of your Home page and select Dashboard.

On the left, you’ll see any Upcoming appointments with counselors or instructors.

On the right, your Dashboard highlights items that require your attention and may include Early Alert flags related to your class work, recommended referrals to campus support offices to help you succeed, and kudos from your instructors.


Starfish student menu"Tell Us About Yourself" will be turned on at key times so you may not always see it.  When you complete these questions, it allows us to help connect you with information and resources that will better support you. 

The first time you access it, you will first be asked to complete The Hope Center #RealCollege Survey. You will only be asked to complete this once.

Next are the SCCCD Starfish Student Intake Questions. You will be able to update your responses each time we turn on the feature, so if your needs change, please make sure to update your answers.



Select message from menu on leftClick on the menu in the top left hand corner of your Home page and select Messages.

Click on any message in the list to display the full contents of that message. These messages were also sent to your SCCCD email and to any alternate address you added to your profile.


Starfish student menu"Request Assistance" is how you can ask for help with specific things.  When you submit a request assistance item, you will automatically  be sent a message with information about the resources available at each of the colleges within State Center Community College District.  You can find this in your Messages Channel and it will also be sent to your student email address.  

We will be able to see that you have asked for help and provide any support you might need to connect with our resources.  

Student Educational Plans in Starfish Degree Planner

Starting August 29, 2022 Students can access their SEP in Starfish

Student Education Plan (SEP) is a document that you and your counselor create together showing the courses and activities planned to reach your academic and career goals. 

An SEP should be developed even before you start your first semester and then updated throughout your enrollment in college.

Starfish Degree Planner Student Guide (PDF)

Log into My Portal and then click on the Starfish App to log into Starfish:starfish logo

Click on the three bars next to Starfish in the top left hand corner and select Degree Planner from the menu options.  

welcome to starfish starfish dashboard

If a counselor has already created a plan*, you will see it here.  Click on the plan to access it:

starfish art plan

*If you do not see a plan contact your counselor to create a student education plan (SEP). Click on "My Success Network” to schedule an appointment with a counselor.  Do not try to create your own plan; even though the "I understand" button will take you to a Create Plan page you will not be able to create a plan. 

starfish plan needed

Once in your plan you will be able to navigate between courses and requirements.  Each view provides you with different information about your SEP.

starfish courses option

This view shows you a term by term breakdown of the courses planned in each term.  Each class has it’s own “course card”. 

If you are currently taking the course it will be listed as “in progress”.

in-progress screen

If you are registered for the course for a future term, it will say “registered”.

starfish registered screen

For future terms, you may see a course card with a specific class listed, or you might see course cards for a specific area/list requirement. Click on the course card to view more information.

art-4 button area 4 and list b

You may also see additional warnings on course cards about course prerequisites or notices if you did not successfully complete a course.

view missing course screen you did not successfully complete

(*Important Note: Some courses are planned in a specific order, following rules for pre-requisite requirements, etc. Rearranging courses could cause courses to be out of sequence for your pathway. We advise you speak with your pathway counselor or advisor if you would like to make changes.)

Comments: You may have comments on your plan from your counselor that can be viewed in the “Show Comments” section on the right. This can include important reminders, referrals, deadlines, etc. so please be sure to check the comments section when applicable.

screenshot of comments button on starfishscreenshot viewing comments on starfish





This view shows you a list of all the requirements to complete the program(s) that are built into your plan. First you will see the courses that are required in your major, then as you scroll you will see the general education requirements. At the top of the plan you will see the term that the plan has been approved through by a counselor. 

starfish course requirements

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Not everyone is using Starfish to schedule appointments.

You can view the appointment on your Dashboard and you will receive an email notification to your SCCCD college email.

You may have to search further out for additional dates and times.

Contact the person who raised the flag. Also connect with other individuals in your “My Success Network” under Your Connections or Your Services.

We are only displaying FCC services to students who either have an active FCC major and/or are taking more than half of their units at FCC. If you need to see someone at FCC, you can either browse through the Other Services on the bottom of your Success Network or use the search bar on top.

Pathways are a resource to you based on your major. Each team has a set of counselors that specialize in the majors that fall in that division. If you don’t have an assigned counselor and you’re sure of your major, this should be your first stop in finding a counselor to meet with.

Here are the available Pathways that have appointments in Starfish:

  • FCC Arts, Communications & Language Pathway
  • FCC Business Pathway
  • FCC Culture, Education & Society Pathway
  • FCC Health & STEM Pathway
  • FCC Tech & Trades Pathway

If you know the name of the counselor, search his/her name in the search bar. In their profile, you can choose “Schedule”. You can also browse all services in Other Services on the bottom of your Success Network or search for the Service in the search bar on top.  Each team will list the majors they cover.

Here are the available Pathways that have appointments in Starfish:

  • FCC Arts, Communication & Language Pathway
  • FCC Business Pathway
  • FCC Culture, Education & Society Pathway
  • FCC Heath & STEM Pathway
  • FCC Tech & Trades Pathway