Administration and Staff

Cherylyn Crill-Hornsby
Dean of Instruction & Social Sciences Pathways

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Administration & Staff

Title Contact
Instructional Administrative Assistant Lisa Cartwright (
Office Assistant II Marissa Butler (
Administrative Assistant Kathleen Swan (


Department Subject Chair
Anthropology and Economics Anthropology, Archaeology and Economics Aaron Pankratz
Child Development and Education Child Development and Education Raquel Ochs
Cultural and Women’s Studies African American Studies, American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies, Chicano-Latino Studies, Women's Studies Matthew Espinosa-Watson
History and Political Science History, Political Science, Law Paul Gilmore
Psychology Psychology Rebecca Slaton
Sociology, Human Services, Criminology, Home Economics, and Food Nutrition Sociology, Human Services, Criminology, Culinary Arts, Food Services Nancy Gutierrez-Sauceda