Foreign Languages

Liberal Arts Emphasis in Foreign Languages

Do you want to improve your marketable skills in the global economy? Take classes like French, Hmong, Chinese, German, Armenian, Portuguese, Spanish, or Japanese. Boost your communication skills and effectively participate in a multicultural world. Learning a foreign language opens the door to business, government, technology, medicine, marketing, industry, art, cuisine, film, and philosophy.


Are you looking for a competitive edge in your career? Enrich your worldview and learn one of the most widely spoken languages. From Spain to South America, access the culture and language of the Spanish-speaking world. Become fluent in Spanish and boost your speaking, writing and reading skills. With a great demand of the bilingual workforce, learning Spanish can be a valuable tool to climb the career ladder, to acquire global leadership skills, and to have a broader world perspective.

Degrees and Certificates

Title Degree/Certificate
Spanish ADT Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T)
Liberal Arts with Emphasis in Foreign Languages AA Associate in Arts (AA)

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