Politics and Pre-Law

Do you want to learn how to participate in local, state, or national politics? Are you aware of advocacy groups in your community or state and how they employ people passionate about politics? Have you thought about how legislative actions and judicial decisions affect society? Do you want to learn how to navigate legal processes and understand how laws apply to your life in the real world? Understanding domestic and international government structures and their influence on people and policies can lead to many career opportunities related to law and government.

Office Professional - Legal Office Emphasis

Would you enjoy working in a law-office environment? Do you want to learn about legal processes, laws, and their applications in the real world? If so, explore the Office Professional -- Legal Office Emphasis program. You will acquire the necessary knowledge to obtain well-paying legal office positions in only two to three semesters. Once classes are completed, you will be placed in an internship where you will apply training in a law-office environment. Many of our students are hired through this process, so it is an excellent opportunity to gain experience, relevant knowledge, and meet a potential employer.

Paralegal Studies

Are you interested in research? How about law? You could become a paralegal and be the backbone of a law office. Paralegals work alongside attorneys, providing support through performing legal research, drafting legal documents, and performing interviews and investigations. They are often the first line of communication between a firm and its clients, serving a vital role in providing legal and attorney services.

Political Science

Are you interested in global issues and affairs? Or maybe American politics? How about critical issues such as public policy, globalization, terrorism, the environment, civil rights, or foreign policy? Studying Political Science will help you examine American and other government structures and their influence on people and policies. You can gain appreciation for the growing role of international actors and the importance of global issues. You can learn study scientific methods and theories to heighten your political understanding and ability to ask and answer difficult questions, whether engaged in a local career or transferring to a major university.

Pre-Law Interdisciplinary Studies

Do you picture yourself working in the law field, advocating for equal rights and fair government decisions? Do you want to learn more about the effect of verdicts handed down by the courts? You can learn the foundations for becoming an attorney and one day advise clients, explaining legal issues and potentially representing others in court. The Pre-Law program can help you prepare for related bachelor programs at 4-year institutions and succeed in graduate-level law schools.

Degrees and Certificates

Title Degrees/Certificates
Business & Technology: Office Professional Legal Secretary AS Associate in Science (AS)
Business & Technology: Office Professional Legal Secretary Certificate of Achievement (CA)
Law, Public Policy, and Society ADT Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T)
Paralegal AS Associate in Science (AS)
Paralegal CA Certificate of Achievement (CA)
Political Science ADT Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T)
Pre-Law in Interdisciplinary Studies Associate in Arts

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