Theatre Auditions


An Episodic Documentary

Framework & Direction by Janine Christl

A Chronical of Art and Life in the Fall of 2020; this documentary is dedicated to the students who are braving this complicated time. 


Audition Information

The Goals

The primary goal is to give FCC students a voice in a challenging and everchanging period of history. These stories can help us find community in a time of great artistic and personal reflection. It will provide clarity for forming self-definition in personal artistic expression and help us all find our common ties amongst our differences.

The Process

Students are invited to submit an audition piece based on the casting suggestions and pick an artistic project. Students can also tell life stories in connection to their time as a student. They can use a suggested role (using script, movement, artistic expression) or submit their own confessional story.  All submissions are by video. Unpolished by design is totally acceptable. Zoom and phone recordings are accepted. Please submit your materials via a YouTube link. Your privacy is important to us - We suggest making the video “private” and only accessible via someone with a link. Other options could include a Google Drive link to a video that is only accessible to those with a link. Submissions accepted June 20th- August 20th.

Send to: Janine Christl


The Director will serve to inspire the themes by providing questions and feedback to the work, developing the storyboarding of the chapters. The final product will be filmed and edited, some in a theatrical space if possible, some in living rooms, on Zoom Sessions, in the open air and in safe spaces.  

*The set up above is written as a "devised" theatrical piece that will be filmed with the focus of the student journey to produce art. 

Artistic Format for 5 episodes:

  • Original Works- Poems/Monologues 
  • Dance/ Movement pieces
  • Conceptual Warm up using “I feel, I need, I want, I am…..”
  • Live Artist Painting (Recorded)
  • Shakespearian Monologues/Scene work 
  • 1 Face Confessional (a freeze-frame a day for at least 60 days)
  • 1 Original Song

Other stories to unfold with trust in the process. 
Ultimately, 5 Produced Episodes (from 5-20 minutes each) will conclude the project. Ideally, 19 collaborators work on the piece, thus the title “19” takes on a new form. It is no longer about Covid-19, but about 19 artists creating during Covid-19.

Here are some sample audition submissions (google drive)

For more information on auditions, contact Janine Christl

Course: TA-40

If you are cast you will need to enroll in TA-40 (3 units) which is the performance class. An add code will be provided for this class and the work on this project gives you the credit hours for this course. 


Play Information

The Story

The Theatre and Dance students of Fresno City College navigate “distance learning” during a pandemic; facing challenging work situations, immunity issues and shifting home environments, all while trying to continue on their path of artistry. 

“19” is a time capsule documentary of Fall 2020, exposing all aspects of living in this moment of the pandemic as artists and students. These stories fully embrace the life of college students, which impacts their ability to be in school and infuses life and art as they blend to become a story of self-discovery. 

Performance Dates

Episodes will be filmed and air August-December 2020. More information to come!