Welcome Black Week

A Welcome Black Week 

August 15 – 22, 2022

The African American Student Success Experience team (A2S2E) will be hosting the first annual Welcome Black Week from Monday, August 15th through Saturday, August 20th culminating with a campus/community event. This week is designed to celebrate, welcome, and engage our African American students by building a sense of belonging and purpose on campus. During the week the students will have the opportunity to have Lunch with Campus Leadership, engage in a “Porch Talk” and explore Transfer and Trade opportunities offered on campus. Additionally, students will participate in self-care with a Yin & Yoga event and closing with The Welcome Black Cookout, a fun day of food, family, community resources, and culture.

Monday, August 15
Lunch with Leadership
FCC Cafeteria
12-1 pm

This is an opportunity to open the lines of communication and build relationships between students and Fresno City College administrators. Developing these relationships throughout the campus can drive culture change and help retain student’s interest and engagement. Lunch will be provided.

Tuesday, August 16
Porch Talk – Welcome to FCC/Adjusting to Campus Life
OAB 251 • 12-1 pm

Porch Talks are a safe space, where students can connect, learn and grow as they work towards empowerment and academic success. Lunch will be provided.

Wednesday, August 17
Transfer and Trades
OAB 251
2-3 pm

Students will be able to learn about Transfer and Trades opportunities available at Fresno City College. Students are often unaware of the academic programs, opportunities and access they have to different careers. Join us for a one-hour session to learn more about your transfer major options and vocational opportunities.

August 18
Yin & Yoga
OAB 251
3-4 pm

A new analysis indicates that younger African Americans are living with or dying of many conditions typically found in older people. Anxiety, stress, depression and heart disease, affects the Black community at disproportionate rates when compared to other ethnic groups. The practice of yoga was created by brown and black people as a tool for spiritual growth and as a way to integrate the spiritual element with physical experience. Yoga has been shown to improve mental health in addition to enhancing physical fitness not only elevating your mood and sense of well-being, but it's a legitimate method for reducing stress and anxiety. Please bring your own mat.

August 20
Welcome Black Cookout
FCC Cafeteria & Lawn
11am - 3pm

Free food, activities, and much more! This is a celebration by Fresno City College and the Black community to welcome our African American students coming/returning to the FCC campus for the Fall 2022 semester. The goals of the event are to provide a welcoming environment to our students and the Black Community by supplying information to students and their families about FCC and community resources.