2022 Dean's Medallion Recipients

Fresno City College is pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Dean’s Medallion Awards. The winners are chosen by the dean of each division based on academic excellence, their abilities to overcome obstacles and how they face adversity. The award celebrates their exceptional achievements. The Dean’s Medallion is the highest honor a division may bestow on a current student. Each recipient receives a $500 scholarship.

Each year, the President of the college awards the Tony Cantú President’s Medallion to one of the recipients. This award honors the late president who served the students of Fresno City College and the State Center Community College District before his untimely passing in 2015. This year, Interim President Marlon Hall has chosen Mr. Orion Luminiferous of the Fine, Performing and Communications Arts Division to receive the 2022 Tony Cantú President’s Medallion. He received an additional $500 scholarship for this special award.

Pre-Allied Health Registered Nursing Option (AS)

Waradee WarslerWaradee Warstler of Fresno is graduating with a Pre-Allied Health Registered Nursing Option Associate Degree for Transfer having earned a 4.0 GPA. An immigrant from Thailand, Waradee came to the United States with her husband 14 years ago. She overcame language and financial barriers to earn CNA and LVN certifications in adult school. She is now ready to embark on her next level of educational training. She is starting the LVN to RN program at Madera Community College with plans to eventually transfer to Fresno State. Her goal is to become either a pediatric or geriatric registered nurse and potentially a family nurse practitioner. After becoming an RN, she will pursue an advanced nursing degree to fulfill her dream of building and running a non-profit community health center in the Central Valley.


Professional Photography (AS)

Imari LunaImari Luna of Fresno is graduating with a Professional Photography Associate in Science degree. Imari is the first in her family to graduate college. She was raised by a single mother and her grandparents worked in the fields in the grueling life as farmworkers. Imari says that her late grandfather was the greatest influence in her life. She was working on a major class project that profiled him when he became critically ill and passed away. Through her grief and depression, she pledged to complete her degree. Imari says she loves photography because it makes her feel free and it makes her audience feel difference types of emotions. She plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in photography and become a professional photographer, travel, and capture many moments in time.


Business Administration for Transfer (AS-T)

Sherine SeoudiSherine Seoudi of Fresno is graduating with a Business Administration Associate Degree for Transfer. She is proud of earning her degree because it will mean a better future for her, opening doors for more opportunities and better jobs. A couple of years ago, Sherine found herself facing the challenge of becoming independent and beginning a new life. She says she decided to be stronger than her problems and start over again. Encouraged by her family to pursue a college education, she enrolled in classes at Fresno City College and said her life began to change and have new meaning. Sherine is graduating with a 4.0 GPA and has been on the Dean’s List each semester. She is now planning to transfer to Fresno State and continue her dream of earning a bachelor’s degree in human resources.


Sociology for Transfer (AS-T)

Faith VegaFaith Vega of Fresno is graduating with a Sociology Associate Degree for Transfer. Faith is a first-generation college student raised by a single mother. Her family always instilled in her the importance of getting an education. Faith says the COVID pandemic has been both stressful and challenging. The past two years have been the most emotionally and mentally challenging of her life suffering multiple hardships and adversities. She was a full-time online student, worked full time to help her family financially and faced the devastation of losing a loved one. Faith says she is well prepared for the next step of continuing her education due to the many positive experiences and opportunities she has had at Fresno City College. She hopes to be a counselor or teach at the community college level.


Music - Commercial Music (AS)

Orion Luminiferous

Orion Luminiferous of Fresno is graduating with highest honors with a Music - Commercial Music Associate in Science Degree. Orion is a former foster youth and was in foster care his entire life. He is proud that he can be a good example to other foster youth. Orion will be among the three percent of foster youth who graduate college. He wants other foster youth to see that is he can overcome the odds, they can too. He hopes to inspire others and represent the value of education to them. He states that FCC taught him important life skills such as time management and self-discipline. Orion’s future plans are to work in the audio engineering and music production fields and scoring music for film.




Philosophy for Transfer (AA-T), Psychology for Transfer (AS-T), Sociology for Transfer (AA-T)

Morgan PoulterMorgan Poulter of Tollhouse is receiving her Dean’s Medallion in the Humanities Division as a result of her Philosophy Associate Degree for Transfer. In addition to her philosophy degree, she is also receiving transfer degrees in psychology and sociology—earning three degrees total.  She is graduating with a 4.0 GPA. Her academic success has allowed her to tutor other students contributing to their success as well. Morgan says she is proud of her resilience despite difficult circumstances in her life, her persistence and her ability to overcome mental health obstacles.  She also prides herself on her volunteer work with animals and various environmental pursuits. Her long-term plans include becoming a clinical psychologist or a philosophy professor.


Political Science for Transfer (AA-T)

Zofia TrexlerZofia Trexler of Fresno is graduating with highest honors earning a Political Science Associate Degree for Transfer. She will also graduate with a degree in Global Studies and one in Law, Public Policy and Society. Zofia says FCC has allowed her to realize her full potential and succeed in the way she always thought she could.  She plans to earn a bachelor’s degree and eventually a law degree so she can advocate for the rights of the psychologically disabled. Among her many accomplishments, she has earned a CAL-Law certificate, works as a peer trainer, was one of two students to speak at a statewide legal conference, and testified as a primary witness for a bill to mandate mental health education in K-12 public schools. The bill became law in October 2021. She recently learned she has been accepted to Stanford University.