Services Offered

CalWorks offers a variety of services to help you complete your education and training successfully at Fresno City College.



  • Learn about the CalWORKs program, services available, and student expectations
  • Receive information about the different educational/vocational programs available
  • Meet a Job Specialist that will review WTW guidelines and regulations. Have an opportunity to ask questions
  • Be given assistance with the Fresno City College online admissions application
  • Get information on financial aid, BOGG Waiver, EOPS/CARE, Federal and CalWORKs Work-Study, campus resources, and college placement exams
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with a CalWORKs counselor for assistance with your Student Education Plan and registration for classes
  • Learn about priority registration
  • Important Academic Calendar dates

Books and Supplies

To receive books or supplies you must bring

  1. Current Student Education Plan that lists the classes for the books/supplies you are requesting
  2. Class Schedule
  3. List indicating title of textbooks and supplies along with prices
  4. Book voucher request (please note your case must be assigned to a Job Specialist at Fresno City College for an actual book voucher. Otherwise numbers 1-3 need to be taken to your assigned Job Specialist off campus.)

All book voucher requests will need to be approved by your Job Specialist. Approved vouchers can be picked up within 2-3 days of submitting your request.

Textbook prices can be obtained at the online FCC Bookstore

Child Care

  • CalWORKs will provide you with child care services. You must arrange child care when meeting with your Job Specialist


  • A flat rate of $48.00 will be issued every month if you live within city limits.
  • If you use public transportation a bus pass will be given to you on a monthly basis.
  • If you live outside of city limits you will be eligible for mileage reimbursement. You will be required to submit a log (obtained through your Job Specialist) of the miles traveled and submit it to your Job Specialist every month.

Parking Permits

  • If you use your own vehicle and attend Fresno City College main campus, you may purchase a student parking permit and receive a reimbursement.
  • For reimbursement, you will need to submit your receipt to your Job Specialist.


  • Each case is reviewed on a case by case basis. If you need any additional assistance, please see your Job Specialist

For continued CalWORKs Eligibility

  • Grades: Maintain satisfactory progress in all classes. This means receiving a "C" or better in each class (*Note: After 2 failed semesters, you may become ineligible for further services)
  • Welfare-To-Work (WTW2) Plan: Your are required to have a current, valid WTW2 plan at all times
  • Meet your required weekly hours according to your WTW2 plan
  • Meet with your Job Specialist regularly
  • Meet with a CalWORKs counselor at least once a semester



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