International Students Program (How To Apply)

Greetings! We thank you for considering Fresno City College for your future studies and hope you decide to join us.

Below you will find the documentation required to make up your application packet. Please submit all documentation at one time; All required items must be received by the deadline. A review of your file will not be started until the complete packet is received. 

Application Periods

Fall Semester (Starts in August):

  • February 1st through May 1st for students coming from Outside the U.S.
  • February 1st through June 30th for students transferring from inside the U.S.

Spring Semester (Starts in January):

  • July 1st through October 1st for students coming from Outside the U.S.
  • July 1st through November 15th for students transferring from inside the U.S.

General Requirements For All Applicants

All applicants must meet the following GENERAL REQUIREMENTS. Please print a copy of our Admissions Requirements Checklist for more specific information on these requirements and include it as part of your admission packet with the other required documents.

  • Age Requirement: Student must turn 18 years old prior to the start of the semester for which they are applying.
  • Financial Requirement: Student must validate appropriate funding to support their school and living expenses while studying in the U.S. and complete the appropriate forms. Money must be available for immediate access in the United States with no delay to meet all payment deadlines and needs. 
  • English Language Proficiency Requirement: Students must meet one or more of the criteria on the Checklist as evidence of their ability to be successful in a full-time academic program of study in the U.S.
  • High School Graduation Requirement: Student must provide proof of graduation from their Secondary School.
  • Fresno City College Identification Number Requirement: Student must apply for their ID Number using the CCCApply system on our Website. It is a two-step process; you must first create an account, and then log into the account to fill in the application for the desired semester. A 7-digit ID number will be emailed to the student, normally within 3 business days. Write that 7-digit number on the Checklist and include it with your packet.

Required Documentation for All Students

Transfer Students are required to include these documents in their admission packet. 

All Other Students must submit them in time to be received prior to their planned arrival at Fresno City College:

  • Copy of your Valid Passport
  • Copy of your F1 Visa
  • Official Transcripts: Transcripts from all U.S. schools that you have attended (if any).  

Additional Requirements for All Transfer Students

In addition to the General Requirements above, all students who are applying to transfer their current I-20s to FCC must include these additional documents with their admission packet. 

  • Copy of Current I-20: From the school you are currently attending.
  • Our Transfer Eligibility Form:Completed by your current DSO.
  • Unofficial Transcripts from all U.S. Schools attended to date: If you cannot supply your official transcripts from all U.S. Schools attended before the application deadline, include the unofficial transcripts for the admission review process. Your Official Transcripts must be submitted once you are accepted to our Program at FCC. 

Admission Decisions

Students will receive our initial decision via email. If they are denied, the student will received an explanation for that decision. 

If Admitted:

  • New Students from out of the country will receive an acceptance letter and Form I-20 which will be used to apply for your F1 Visa. Official documents will be mailed using EShip Global services at the student's expense through DHL, FedEx Express or UPS Express unless other arrangements are made. Students may also request for someone to pick up documents on their behalf to mail. This will require a signed permission letter from the student to authorize.
  • Transfer Students: An acceptance letter will be delivered via email. That letter must be presented to the student's current DSO to arrange and authorize the transfer of their SEVIS file to FCC. 

Submitting Application Packets:

Deliver via USPS to:

International Student Program
Fresno City College
1101 E University Ave
Fresno, CA 93741 USA

 Or Deliver in Person to:

International Student Program Office
Fresno City College
Student Services Building, Room 108


Phone: 559.442.8256

Email: FCC International Admissions

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