Army ROTC at Fresno City College

Army ROTC is a college program built to produce leaders for the United States Army. With leadership as the central theme, the program develops key leader competencies such as time management, communication skills, physical and mental fitness, problem solving, planning, and tactical military skills including land navigation and maneuver. Fresno City College has an official agreement with California State University Fresno—Bulldog Battalion. Typically, this means you’ll be enrolled as a full time student at Fresno City College and take your ROTC classes and lab each week at California State University Fresno—Bulldog Battalion.

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Army ROTC at Fresno City College

Army ROTC is a four-year program designed to parallel the student’s pursuit of a college degree. It consists of the Basic Course, which is the first two years of the program, and the Advanced Course, the final two years of the program. Students may take the Basic Course with no obligation to the Army.

The program at FCC is a branch of the Fresno State University Army ROTC. We offer the Basic Course at FCC. Those continuing on to the Advanced Course must transfer to Fresno State.

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What to Expect

There are two ways to take part in the Basic Course at Fresno City College. Those seeking training in leadership, and an understanding of the Army, can take the course as Participating Students. If that’s you, then you attend the classes like any other elective course.

Those intending to pursue a commission as officers in the Army are known as Enrolled Cadets. They take the classes, as well as the Leadership Lab (taught at Fresno State University every Wednesday), and participate in physical training and field training exercises. To become an Enrolled Cadet, a student must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, be a full-time student pursuing a four-year college degree, meet university-level admission standards, and have a clean personal history. For specific questions on eligibility, contact the Army ROTC office (see Contact Us below).

Army ROTC is a physically and mentally challenging course seeking well-rounded “Scholar-Athlete-Leaders” who are ready to do what it takes to develop into the leaders of America’s finest – the soldiers of the United States Army.


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Army Opportunities

The Army offers careers to newly commissioned Lieutenants in seventeen career fields, including Aviation, Transportation, Communication, Armor, Infantry, Engineers, and more! The training, advancement, and experience opportunities are unmatched anywhere else. A lieutenant must be physically and mentally sharp, able to think on their feet and respond effectively to chaotic situations – highly marketable abilities outside the military as well.

Army ROTC Nursing Program

If you are pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, there are advantages for you in joining Army ROTC to be an Army Nurse. As an ROTC nursing student, you’ll combine college electives in military science with your regular nursing program, have access to scholarship opportunities, and have the chance to participate in summer training at actual Army hospitals in the U.S. and overseas! Contact us for more information.

Why Take ROTC?

Army ROTC teaches you how to be an effective leader. Students who complete the program learn critical leadership and management skills that will extend well beyond your college years into any profession that you choose.

For more information about Army ROTC, see our parent program web site at Fresno State ROTC
Contact the Fresno State Army ROTC Recruiting Operations Office at 559.278.5460 or email