Resources for American Indian Needs (RAIN)

The RAIN program is a learning community designed to promote, inspire, and guide students upon entry, duration, and completion of their academic goals. The program purpose is to provide a support system for American Indian and Indigenous people of the Americas, but is open to all students.


Monday - Friday 

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Phone: 559.443.8564
Location: OAB 272 (Old Administration Building)
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Fresno City College
Attn: Student Services RAIN Program
1101 E University Avenue
Fresno, CA 93741

Services Offered

  • Academic Counseling / Transfer Preparation
  • Peer Group Support
  • Academic Tutoring for Success in Learning
  • Financial Aid Assistance / Scholarships / Grants
  • Career Exploration
  • American Indian Program Activities
  • Field Trips (College Campus Tours - TBD)

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  • Eligible to register for English 1A
  • RAIN is open to all students who have the desire to contribute, explore, and gain an understanding of the American Indian culture.

Suggested Schedule Of Classes For Each Semester

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
*English 1A *English - TBD Follow-up Services
*Appropriate Math level Counseling 150 *Appropriate Math Level Counseling 54

In addition to the courses listed above, students may choose a course(s) from the following options of American Indian Studies:

  • AMIND 31 American Indian Culture
  • AMIND 32 American Indian History
  • AMIND 34 The American Indian in Contemporary Society
  • AMIND 35 American Indian Art

RAIN students


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