Support the Fire Academy

Fresno City College Fire Academy Foundation

The Fire Academy Foundation was created to allow Fire Academy staff to make quick or needed purchases for equipment, tools, and awards. The staff uses this account sparingly to help supplement the department's budget. 

Michael Collins Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to the Michael Collins award winner for each class and awarded at graduation. This cadet is voted on by their class and reviewed by the staff. Each recipient demonstrates leadership skills, willingness to assist others, fosters teamwork, and goes above and beyond for other cadets and the Academy. 

Jim Deaver Scholarships

These scholarships are also awarded at graduation and allow graduates to continue their education in the fire service. There is an application period during the fire academy that all cadets in that class can apply for and the Deaver foundation selects 3 to 5 award winners per class based off of those applications.  

Oney Durney Scholarship

Oney Durney was very passionate about the cadets in the classes he was part of at the academy. He was still al lifelong learner even with 43 years in the fire service he still attended classes. This scholarship is for students entering the academy to help pay down the costs of the program. This scholarship allows a future cadet or cadets to attend the academy when they may not have been able to without the scholarship.