Fire Technology

Fresno City College (FCC) Fire Academy was founded in 1992 by Mike Collins, Retired Battalion Chief with the City of Fresno Fire Department.

FCC Fire Academy is rated as one of the best Fire Academies in the State of California. The program is an Accredited Fire Academy by the State of California and is also an Accredited Regional Training Program (ARTP) through the California State Fire Marshal’s office. The Fire Academy became accredited in 2014 and completed its re-accreditation in 2017.

The California Community Colleges Chancellors Office awarded a Bronze Star to our Fire Technology Program for 83% of our students attaining the regional living wage and a Gold Star for the Fire Academy for our students having a 62% increase in earnings, 71% attaining the regional living wage and 100% of students employed in a job similar to the field of study.

Want to be in the Field of Fire Technology?

Fire Academy

It is designed to prepare students for initial employment in the field of Fire Technology. It also prepares students for upper division course work towards a bachelor's degree.

Schedule: The Fire Academy (Fire Technology 130A & 130B) is a 26 unit class (6 units of which is degree applicable) offered both in the Summer/Fall semester and Spring semester both are 20 weeks long.

Costs include the basic college fees plus the cost of additional supplies and equipment as needed. The total cost will run about $2,766.00, broken down below.


Basic Items Cost
26 units @ $46 per unit $1,196.00
Health Fee $13.00
Text Books $170.00
Total of Basic Items $1,390.00
Additional Items Estimated Cost
Approved Safety Boots $150.00
Uniforms $300.00
Protective Clothing $732.00
Physical Examination $150.00
CSFM Certificates $125.00
Sub Total of Additional Items $1,457.00
Total (including basic items) $2,834.00

*Cost may change without any prior notice
*Protective Clothing Rental's price includes a $100.00 refundable deposit.

Qualified students attending the Fire Academy may be eligible for financial aid. Questions should be addressed to the Financial Aid Office on campus.



  • Be 18 years of age or have a high school diploma or G.E.D.
  • Applicants with prior college work must be on good academic and progress standing.
  • Contact the Fire Academy Coordinator at the Career Technology Center.
  • Possess a valid California driver's license.
  • Provide proof of a clear sports/DMV physical examination.


  • CPR
  • Public Safety First Aid (as defined by California Health and Safety Code Sec. 1797.182) or EMT (Highly recommended).
***Additional Qualifications Needed coming Fall of 2018***
  • Hold a valid NREMT-B Certification
  • Pass a Physical Agility
  • Complete FireT 1 core course

These two prerequisites are required for entry into the Fresno City College Fire Academy. Priority may be given to students affiliated with and sponsored by area fire agencies.

In order to have your name placed on the FCC Fire Academy interest list, complete the form.  You will be contacted when an opening is available.

Fresno City College Fire Academy Interest Form

Fill out Fire Academy Interest Form



  • Review/complete appropriate English and math courses. I.E., English 1A and Math 1
  • Complete the following course, offered each spring semester at FCC: Fire T 1-Fire Protection Organization
  • Physical Fitness Preparation
    Throughout the Fire Academy there is a strong emphasis on physical training focusing on endurance, strength, and technique. Cadets are required to pass a comprehensive physical fitness exam to successfully complete the academy.
  • Volunteer firefighting experience will be beneficial in applying for entry level firefighting positions.

Additional Information

The Fresno City College Fire Academy provides extensive hands on training required by many fire agencies for entry level employment as a firefighter. Graduates of the Fresno City College Fire Academy receive the following certifications and /or certificates:

  • Fresno City College Certificate of Achievement
  • CAL-FIRE (CDF) Basic Wildland Firefighter (S-130, S-190, L-180)
  • CSFM Certificated Firefighter 1 Training Record
  • CSFM Auto Extrication
  • CSFM Low Angle Rope Rescue
  • Incident Command System I-100 & I-200
  • CSFM Confined Space Awareness
  • CSFM Fire Control 3B
  • Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations & Decon
  • Firefighter Survival

Professional Development

Fresno City College is committed to student success. Each semester the program offers both in class and hybrid options for all FireT courses allowing students more options for learning and completion of degree and certificate programs. 

Certified Fire Officer Courses

Each semester the program will offer a mix of State Fire Marshal Chief Officer, Company Officer, Instructor, Driver/Operator, HAZMAT and Rescue courses.

FireFighter II

The Fire Technology program will also be offering a First-ever Firefighter II academies early as the Spring of 2018. Keep checking this page for updates and more information. The program will be 3 weeks and will offer more certification opportunities than what the curriculum offers.

Specialized Courses

Special courses are offered that cover topical issues facing the Fire Service and courses that have been put together as a result of a very active Fire Technology Advisory Committee.

Fire Technology Core

Class Description Units
Fire T1 (Hybrid delivery available Fall 18) Fire Protection Organization 3
Fire T2 (Hybrid delivery available Fall 18) Fire Prevention Technology 3
Fire (Hybrid delivery available Fall 18) Fire Protection Equipment & Systems 3
Fire T4 (Hybrid delivery available Fall 18) Building Construction for Fire Protection 3
Fire T5 (Hybrid delivery available Fall 18) Fire Behavior & Combustion 3
Fire T14 (Hybrid delivery available Fall 18) Firefighter Safety & Survival 3
AT 10 Technical Computer App 3
PHYS 11 Physical Science 3
AT 130 Industrial Mathematics 3
Total Units (9 x 3) 27

Course Options

Class Description Units
Fire T8 Fire Hydraulics 3
Fire T9 Firefighting Practices 3
Fire T130A Basic Fire Academy - Part 1* see below
Fire T130B Basic Fire Academy - Part 2* 6
Fire T131 Emergency Medical Technician -1 3
Fire T135 Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic** 8

Select 12 units

*Fire T130A and Fire T130B carry a total value of 26 units, however only 6 units can be applied to the Associate in Science Degree or Certificate of Achievement.

** 8 units from a completed Paramedic program can be applied to the Associates in Science Degree or Certificate of Achievement.

  • Certificate of Achievement: must complete the 26 unit core and 12 units of course options with a GPA of 2.0 or better.
  • Competency and general education requirements must be met to qualify for Associates Degree.

All dates are subject to change due to student enrollment or agency response to local emergency events.

ISA Agreements

Instructional Agreements or ISAs are agreements between professional departments in the Central Valley for Continuing Education Units or CEUs. These classes are important for department personnel to maintain their skills and keep their certifications current without having to take a firefighter "off the line". As per the agreement departments receive a stipend from the college for each hour trained per firefighter. ISAs are important for the school as well because it helps to create and foster a relationship between those departments and the Fire Technology Program. This program also keeps fire personnel current at Fresno City College should they choose to obtain more certifications or an Associates Degree in Fire Science.





Chief Larry French
Fresno City Fire

Chief French has been with the Fresno Fire Department for 19 years in operations and currently runs their training academy  Chief French Holds a Bachelors in Fire Science.  He is a registered California State Fire Marshal instructor and teaches Fire Control 1 and 2, vehicle extrication, and confined space awareness.  Chief French teaches both Fire Academy and Fire Technology classes and in addition to his service to the Fresno Community teaches over 30 hours a month for the Fresno City College.

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