Student Educational Plan (SEP)

A Student Education Plan (SEP) is a document that you and your counselor create together showing the courses and activities planned to reach your academic and career goals.

An SEP should be developed even before you start your first semester at FCC and then updated throughout your enrollment in college.

An SEP can help ensure you take courses and participate in services that align with your goals to graduate, transfer, and increase your skills for employment.

Abbreviated SEP (SEPA) - If a student completes an SEPA, they will have a plan that includes 1-2 semesters of work and can receive a priority registration date.

Comprehensive SEP (SEPC) - If a student completes an SEPC, they will have a plan that includes everything they need to complete their college goal.  A student may be eligible for an even earlier registration date once they complete 18 units and have an SEPC.

To determine when and what counselor you should meet with to complete an SEP, take this short quiz and get some direction.

Do I need an SEP?

How can I get an SEP?

  • DSPS, EOPS, CalWORKs, Veterans, Honors, and Special Programs
    If you are a participant with any of the above mentioned programs or any other special counseling programs, request an SEP directly from your program office.
  • New Students
    If you are brand new to FCC, you can complete an SEP with a College Relations Counselor while you receive an introduction to the college. Call 559.442.8225.

FCC SEPc Days: Drop-Ins Welcome


Questions? Contact usĀ 

Call the FCC Counseling Department 559.442.8226 or stop by the Counseling Center upstairs in the Student Services Building to ask any questions or make an appointment in person.


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