Physics is a basic science that seeks to understand the inner workings of the universe, from the smallest elementary particles up to the vast expanse of galactic structures and everything in between. Physics students gain a conceptual understanding of how the world works and learn to apply the mathematical laws of physics to make quantitative predictions about physical phenomena. Students learn how to set up and perform physical experiments, then analyze the results quantitatively. As a result, physics students develop analytical thinking and problem solving skills that are in high demand by employers in diverse occupations.

Physical law provides the foundation upon which all branches of engineering are based. It also describes the natural structures and processes found in the biological sciences. Consequently, all engineering students and a majority of biology and medical students are required to take physics. A variety of other majors also require physics courses, including chemistry and computer science.

At Fresno City College, physics students can expect top notch courses from motivated and caring faculty. Physics is challenging, and so we provide abundant support to ensure our students have the resources to be successful learners. Tutoring is available throughout the week at the FCC tutoring center and every Friday we hold a large group tutoring session (GRASP), where students work together and get assistance from both physics instructors and tutors to answer any questions they have.


  • Physics Associate in Science for Transfer (F.6335.AS-T)

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