Extending the Class (ETC)

In alignment with classes transitioning from in-person to online, Fresno City College is committed to continuing to offer tutoring support from FCC tutors online. Please check your course Canvas page for tutoring hours specific to your course.

Student Led. Student Focused. Student Successful. 

ETC provides the space, guidance and structure to successfully enhance course content understanding. Students are given the opportunity to attend weekly group study sessions skillfully tailored to their courses. Sessions are facilitated by ETC Leaders, students who have successfully completed the class with a strong understanding of the course content. Within ETC sessions, students actively engage with their peers from class on material provided by the ETC Leader (which includes helpful study guides, content-based worksheets, and effective practice exams). ETC sessions foster a positive learning environment which not only promote what to learn, but also how to learn

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Why Should I Attend ETC sessions?

  • Review class material under the guidance of a peer who has successfully passed the course.
  • Receive helpful study guides, content-based worksheets and effective practice exams created by an ETC Leader.
  • Study in a positive and comfortable learning environment with peers currently enrolled in your course.
  • Increase your confidence with the course material by discovering not only what to learn, but also how to learn through the usage of effective study skills. 
  • Increase your sense of belonging to the Fresno City College campus community by engaging in the rich environment of ETC sessions.
  • ETC is a FREE resource. 
  • Students who attend ETC sessions at least once a week earn a HIGHER GRADE than those who do not!

ETC Sessions Zoom Link

Fall 2023 Session Schedules

Click HERE to visit our FCC Tutorial Services page and find your ETC Leader's schedule.

Interested in Becoming an ETC Leader?

The Extending the Class Program is looking for passionate and dedicated students to help serve our campus community. If you are interested in becoming a part of our ETC Team, complete the ETC Leader Application. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do I know if my course is paired with ETC?

    • ETC is paired with historically difficult courses at Fresno City College. In other words, ETC is a resource for those courses which are demanding in nature. If ETC is paired with your course, your ETC Leader will give a brief in-class presentation at the beginning of the academic semester. You will also receive weekly emails from your assigned ETC Leader which promote the ETC session schedule. You can view a complete list of all ETC embedded courses and the ETC session schedules above in the section titled "ETC Session Schedules".

  • What is the cost of attending an ETC session?

    • ETC is a FREE program available to all students enrolled in ETC paired courses. There is no cost associated with attending ETC sessions.

  • What can I expect from attending an ETC session?

    • Students can expect to receive effective coverage of course material through the usage of carefully tailored worksheets, study guides, and other activities. ETC sessions are structured group study sessions in which students are able to take a hands-on approach to learning. In ETC sessions, students have the opportunity to study course content alongside their peers. Furthermore, students can expect to gain the confidence needed to do well in the class.

  • Where are ETC sessions held?

    • ETC sessions are held in classrooms throughout the Fresno City College campus community. We attempt to hold sessions in the same building as the lecture course is held for student convenience.

  • I want to attend ETC, but the ETC session schedule does not fit my availability. What should I do?

    • Although we attempt, it is very difficult to make a schedule which accommodates every student's availability. If your ETC Leader's session times do not fit with your availability, we recommend attempting to connect with your ETC Leader before or after class. You can also connect with a peer from class who attends ETC and seek their insight on what was covered in the previous ETC session. Also, do not forget to utilize your instructor as a resource. By attending your instructor's office hours, you can strengthen your understanding of the course content.

  • I attended an ETC session and my ETC Leader would not give me the answers to the questions I asked. Why is that?

    • In ETC, we believe in you. We want to build you as a scholar and ensure you have a thorough understanding of the course material. By simply giving you the answers, we would not be preparing you for long-term success. ETC Leaders are trained to guide you through the process of learning, by giving you effective tools and positive encouragement.

  • I have a question or concern. Who should I contact?