Administrative Offices

Department Chairs

Division & Department Department Chair Name Term
Applied Technology Dean: Becky Barabe
Visual Media Technology Carolyn DeAnda 2018-2019
Advanced Fabrication & Transportation Brett Camacho 2018-2019
Digital Design & Manufacturing Ron Cerkueira 2018-2020
Energy, Controls, & Communication Robert Martinez 2018-2020
Career Technology Center Dean: Becky Barabe
Dept. Chair Tony Elizondo 2018-2019
Business Dean: Tim Woods
Accounting Monique Kelley 2017-2019
Business & Technology Rebecca Nelson 2018-2020
Business Administration/Mgmt/Mktg Marianne Dunklin 2018-2020
Computer Information Technology Brian Baker 2018-2020
Paralegal/Real Estate Peter Wasemiller 2017-2019
Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts Dean: Neil Vanderpool
Art Tim Hernandez 2018-2019
Communication Arts Eric Fletcher 2018-2020
Music Kevin Cooper 2018-2020
Theatre Arts/Dance Jimmy Hao 2018-2019
Allied Health, Physical Education, & Athletics Dean: Lorraine Smith
Allied Health Joanne Pacheco 2017-2019
Nursing Pamela Vogel 2018-2020
P.E. Activities & Pre-professional Paul Keysaw 2017-2019
P.E. Activities & Pre-professional Rhonda Williams 2018-2020
Humanities Dean: Jennifer Johnson
Composition Karen Davies 2017-2019

Debbie Ockey
Sally Potter

Fall 2018
Spring 2019
Foreign Language Joyce Pinkard 2017-2019
Letters Margaret Hiebert 2017-2019
Preparatory English Julio Trevino 2017-2019
Reading Olena DeKlotz 2017-2019
Math, Science, & Engineering Dean: Shirley McManus
Chemistry Amanda Henry 2018-2020
Earth/Physical Sciences David Balogh 2017-2019
Life Science Mike Gilbert 2018-2020
Math Sasha Anderson 2018-2020
Math Simon Temmerman 2017-2019
Social Science Dean: Margaret Mericle
Anthro/Econ/Geography Beth Wengerd 2018-2020
Child Development Mary Beth Miller 2017-2019
Crim/FM/FN/FSM/H EC/HS/Soc Nancy Gutierrez-Sauceda 2017-2019
Cultural/Women’s Studies John Cho 2018-2020
History, Political Science Paul Gilmore 2017-2019
Psychology/EDUC/EDA Rebecca Slaton 2017-2019
Guidance & Counseling Dean: Monica Cuevas
Counseling Lori Natal 2017-2019
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