Flex Day

Flex Proposal Submission

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) is accepting proposals for the fall 2020 Flex Day (August 07, 2020). If you are interested in presenting, please complete the Flex Proposal Form. Proposals will only be accepted using this online form. Please note, if you are having trouble with the link, please try it in Chrome.

The deadline to submit your proposal is Monday, March 23, 2020 by midnight.

Session Types: All sessions will be 75 minutes in length. If you need more time, please state so somewhere in your proposal.

  • Informative:  Workshops focus on the presentation of information to attendees. These breakouts will be lecture style with the use of presentation technology such as PowerPoint or Prezi.
  • Collaborative - Workshops focus on the sharing of ideas and information between presenters and attendees and among attendees.
  • Interactive - Workshops combine the lecture style of informative worships but might also have interactive collaborative activities such as small group work or think/pair/shares.

Flex Strands

During the submission process, you will be asked to classify your presentation into one of the following strands that most closely aligns with your topic. PDC invites proposals of innovative, interactive, substantive sessions that will raise provocative questions, engage participants with evidence of “what works,” and create and encourage dialogue—before, during, and after flex day itself.

As part of FCC’s commitment to developing an ethos of equity, successful proposals will incorporate an equity mindset and/or address supporting the college’s goals to close achievement gaps.

We welcome compelling session proposals in the following content areas.

  • Campus Health & Safety

    Proposals in this strand should include sessions or activities about Title IX, behavioral risk assessment, sexual violence, health & wellness, the Clery Act, mental health, safe campus practices, or enforcing campus and district policies.
  • Discipline-Specific or Interdisciplinary

    Proposals in this strand should include sessions or activities centered around effective teaching practices or innovations within disciplines or across disciplines.
  • Effective Use of Tools and Technology

    Proposals in this strand should examine methods that use innovative and emerging technologies to enhance teaching and improve student learning. This could include presentations on any aspect of teaching and learning in a fully online environment, or demonstrations and hands-on training related to the latest classroom technologies or digital office and software skills. Proposals suggesting new software are subject to screening by the Professional Development Committee to ensure the campus has appropriate resources to support it.
  • Student Engagement

    Proposals in this strand should consider ways to foster student engagement and might include sessions or activities centered on innovative pedagogy or instructional practices, creative ideas for wraparound services, building collaborative partnerships, creating community for students, increasing student agency, or providing institutional support.

All proposals will be reviewed by members of the Professional Development Committee, who will evaluate and score them based on the following criteria.

  • Title/Project Description: Is the title likely to gain the interest of the participants? Is the description clear, concise, and easy to understand?
  • Relevance of the Topic to Flex Strand: Is the proposal topic directly relevant to its chosen strand? Does it incorporate an equity mindset? Does the proposal contain original, innovative, or creative aspect(s)?
  • Learning Objectives: Does the proposal include at least two learning objectives? Are they directly linked to the topic? Are they well-defined and thoughtful? Can the objectives be easily met?
  • Professionalism: Is the proposal complete? Is it clear, coherent, and succinct?

The committee will decide the fall Flex calendar at its April 2 meeting.


Each semester, the Professional Development Committee organizes and implements Flex Day, a day of activities related to "staff, student, and instructional improvement" (Title 5, section 55720).

Fall 2020 Flex Day Sign Up

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Sessions have been sorted into four different strands.

  • Campus Health & Safety
  • Discipline-Specific or Interdisciplinary
  • Effective Use of Tools and Technology
  • Student Engagement

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Most sessions are scheduled for one hour, 15 minutes with a fifteen-minute passing period.

**Indicates a session is more than one hour, 15 minutes

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