CurriQunet META

Welcome to META

CurrIQūnet META is a curriculum development, review, and approval system that addresses campus, statewide, and international collaborative issues in curriculum management and accreditation. META provides non-technical users the ability to configure and modify web entry screens and workflow templates.

Every institution develops unique curriculum management processes. This is true even where an institution is part of a regional or statewide system.

META enhances and streamlines the user experience with customizable tools that are highly intuitive. The core currIQūnet META System is designed to be configurable to reflect local requirements, while still properly interfacing components with upstream and downstream systems. This functionality includes local student systems, multi-campus curriculum searches, state reporting standards, and similar requirements.

META is a web-based application. Browser display variances may cause your screens to look slightly different from the screenshots in this guide. Supported browsers include Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. META is not currently optimized for mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

Your institution has one or more META administrators, usually located in the curriculum office. If you need additional assistance in using META, or have questions about the information required, please contact your administrators. Your META administrators are your best resource.

CurrIQūnet META allows each client to have customized workflows, and a secure, private database while maintaining a single codebase. This enables our implementation and support teams to focus on our clients while our development team constantly improves the product. The flexible nature of currIQūnet META means there is a nearly infinite combination of field types and functionalities to collect data in the format required.

This guide will highlight specific field types and provide instruction on META specific features. Your institution may provide instructional materials that dive deeper into the specific proposal types you will encounter or include more specific instructions about the types of information they expect.

Please see YouTube video