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Since the inaugural Symposium in 2014, this event has become an annual opportunity for community college and other higher educational professionals to join colleagues in discussion and sharing promising practices around our raison d'être: supporting students, their learning competencies, and creating communities where exemplary education can thrive.

While we are not able to meet in person this year, we are thankful for the opportunity to continue our annual meeting of the minds and hearts of colleagues from the California Community Colleges and our other higher educational partners from California and beyond. We have an exemplary lineup of speakers and presentations this year, each focused on the important topic and aspects of Competency and Equitable Learning.

The breakout discussions are useful and motivational and as a clarion call to action on behalf of the students and communities we serve. As educational professionals, and as Learning Leaders, each of us has the power to and responsibility for becoming student-centered and equity-minded agents of change at institutions and organizations. The work of creating lasting and needed systemic change in education and our larger nation will not be done by one individual but can only be achieved through the power of a collective sharing a similar vision for a brighter future.

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Over the last four years, the Friday SLO Talks have embraced the rich diversity with our faculty audience. These sessions serve as a platform where assessment materials are exchanged, fostering an environment where every participant feels not only involved but also cherished. The essence of these gatherings lies in "Embracing Student Learning" underscoring our collective commitment to the art of teaching. 

The overarching objective of these sessions is to encourage faculty members to actively participate and glean insights from esteemed Higher Educators. The focus is on cultivating an atmosphere where educators can engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, and ultimately enhance their teaching methodologies. By doing so, we aim to ensure that students not only acquire knowledge but also develop essential skills and competencies crucial for their academic and professional journeys. 

In essence, the Friday SLO Talks have become cornerstone of our commitment to continuous improvement in education, serving as a nexus for the exchange of innovative teaching practices and celebration of the diverse perspectives that contribute to the growth of our academic community. 

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