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FCC Dance Expo 22 Showcases Diversity in Fresno

Jul 26, 2022

FCC Dance Expo 22 is a day celebrating dance and dance education! The all-day event is hosted by the Fresno City college dance faculty. We have invited master dance teachers of all dance genres and styles to celebrate by offering dance classes for our students and local community. About 400 students of all ages are expected. 

From 9:00am - 4:00pm individuals will be able to attend dance classes every hour. Each hour we will offer three to give classes from which participants can choose to attend. Attendance in each class is first come first serve. Individuals will be able to attend a variety of classes in styles such as tap, hip hop, ballet, jazz, modern, and contemporary dance. Cultural dancing including Polynesian, Hmong, Flamenco, Reggae and Bhangra are also being offered.

“Fresno is so diverse. It is always my goal to emphasize what a rich, cultural and diverse area we are. We need to be sharing with each other because that’s the quickest way to build a community that is diverse who supports one another by dancing together,” said Cristal Tiscareno, organizer and FCC dance instructor.

The dance faculty also delight in giving students master class opportunities from other teachers within the community to encourage their continued education. “It is our goal to invite alumni back to the college who are actively pursuing and thriving in their dance professions to inspire our FCC dance students,” Tiscareno added. “I feel that Fresno City College is the hub, we’re that meeting point between higher education and careers.  Sometimes the only thing that will keep people in school is studying the arts.” 

At the end of the day, there will be a gala performance in the Fresno City College Theatre from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. theatre. Thirteen groups will perform at the Expo Gala.

There is a $10.00 donation to participate in the classes which includes the gala performance.  A $5 donation is being requested for those who plan to only attend the gala. To purchase tickets please visit Eventbrite.

For additional information contact Cristal Tiscareno via email at


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