Registration Details

Who Can Enroll

You may enroll in classes at Fresno City College if you are a high school graduate or the equivalent (GED or CHSPE) or, if not a high school graduate, you are at least 18 years old. Also, if you are a currently enrolled high school junior or senior, you are welcome to take classes with permission from a parent and your high school principal. Contact your high school counselor for details about the High School Enrichment Program

If you have never attended Fresno City College (new or transfer student) or have been away for two or more semesters (returning former student), you must first complete an application for admission. See page 5 for the “Steps to Success.” Applications are available online at Currently enrolled students do not have to reapply for admission.



After completing an online orientation and meeting with a counselor, new and returning students should check the schedule and select the courses in which they wish to enroll. Students must make sure they have reviewed the recommended course prerequisites listed (if any).

Currently enrolled students can check their Registration eligibility on WebAdvisor. The Registration Eligibility screen will show the Summer/Fall assigned registration date and any holds that must be cleared prior to being allowed to register. Registration eligibility notices will also be emailed to the free email.

Admissions & Records Office

Registration Information

Priority Registration Groups

Payment of Fees Schedule

Fee due dates are specified on the Business Office webpage Your Tuition, Fees and Other Costs Explained.

Important Message on Drop Dates and Other State-Mandated Deadlines 

Deadlines - It is the student’s responsibility to comply with the following state mandated deadlines.

Fee Refund - State code defines the drop-deadlines required to qualify for fee refund/reversals for Summer Session classes as on or before 10 percent of the duration of the class. Check with your Business Office for the deadlines.

Pass/No Pass - Students must request Pass/No Pass status (or cancel a previous request for Pass/No Pass status) on or before 30 percent of the duration of the class. Check with your Admissions and Records Office for the deadline on your class.

No Record (DR) - Classes dropped before 20 percent of the duration of the class will not be reflected on the student’s transcript. Check with your instructor for the deadline applicable to your class.

Withdrawal (W) - A student will be assigned a grade of “W” for classes dropped on or after 20 percent of the duration of the class, up to and including 50 percent of the duration of the class. After the 50 percent point, the student must receive a letter grade other than a “W” (i.e., A, B, C, D, F, I, P, NP). Check with your instructor for the deadline applicable to your class.


Changes to the Class Schedule:This class schedule is subject to change without prior notice. Fresno City College reserves the right to cancel scheduled classes at any time before, during or after registration due to low enrollment, instructor availability or other reasons.

Classes are also available at otherState Center Community College District sites including Reedley College, Clovis Community College, Madera Community College, and Madera Community College at Oakhurst.