How to Request Changes to the Website

Updating Content on the Website

Each division and department should have someone who has been trained to use the website.  That person can make edits for you.

If your area does not have anyone trained, please speak with your supervisor.  

The following are requirements to be a Website Content Editor:

  1. Complete canvas self-paced accessibility training and earn badge.
  2. Send email to Web Content Engineer showing interest and approval of supervisor.
  3. Complete website training.


If you find a bug (working error) on the website or you have an idea that would improve the website, please contact the web team using the Bug or New Feature Request  Form.

Note: this is for errors in how the website works, not for content that needs updating.



Sliders on the Homepage must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be relevant to the majority of students
  • Be designed to increase student enrollment (E.g. outreach)
  • Be an event that is for the community at large (E.g. community forums, Speakers Forum)


Homepage sliders link to another page such as a calendar event or another page on our website.

  1. Have up-to-date content on the linked to page
    1. If it is an event, fill out the calendar event request so that the event is on the website calendar.
    2. If it is another page on the website, have the page updated as soon as possible.
  2. Fill out Graphic Services Work Request.  State in the description that you want a homepage slider. 
    Note: Due to Accessibility Requirements words cannot be part of the graphic.  On the website, the words are added using code. 
    Learn about AccessibilityLearn about Graphic Standards.

banner example

Interior Banner is the full width image at the top of a page. 


  1. Fill out Graphic Services Work Request.  State that you want an Interior Banner.  

The Public Information Office (PIO) helps with taking photos to be used on the website or for marketing purposes.  If you have high quality photos, those may also be used.

Note: Photos with people clearly in the focus require a signed Photo Release before the photo can be used for marketing, website, or social media.  Photo Release must be submitted to PIO before photo can be used.


  1. Submit photos to Graphic Services.  Graphic services will ensure that the photos are of the appropriate size and quality.  Photos may be added to our photo library.  Photos can be uploaded to the website by Graphic Services or by the Web Content Engineer.
  2. Contact the Content Editor of your area to have photos added to webpage.


Website Calendar

Use the Calendar Request Form to submit information.  Please submit as early as possible.  It may take up to a week for the event to be added to the website.  

You may wish to request that a Calendar Thumbnail be created.  The Calendar Thumbnail would replace the default image of the college library on the calendar for your event.  To request a Calendar Thumbnail, fill out a Graphic Services Work Request. The Calendar Thumbnail request should be completed at least four weeks before the event.

Website News Releases

Items in the “In the News” section are generated by the Public Information Office primarily through news releases.  If you have a story for consideration, please contact the Public Information Office for assistance.

Custom Builds

We use Qualtrics to build forms and surveys.  You can use these forms and surveys as needed for purposes outside or inside of the website. 

To set up an account, login to MyPortal.  Find the Qualtrics App and sign up.  Qualtrics has many features including the ability to collaborate, run reports, and send auto emails.  

If you need help getting started, you may contact the Web Content Engineer in the Public Information Office.  There are several people across campus who are skilled using this system.  

Ask your Website Content Editor to add a link to the form.  

If you need specialized help or application, contact the Web Content Engineer in the Public Information Office.  Typically a meeting will need to be scheduled to discuss your needs.