Manual of Graphic Standards

Your Guide to Fresno City College Graphic Style

This manual was created for the purpose of defining specific details of the Fresno City College "brand" – the college logo, school colors, fonts, photography and best practices. If you are in search of a correct logo to download for your project, or have questions about color palettes and elements of style, you have come to the right place to properly follow and represent the college's brand.

Introduction to brand and graphic style

Fresno City College’s Fresno City College Manual of Graphic Standards is intended as a guide for visual publications. Print and web media has a powerful impact on the FCC’s image and professional success. As creative authors, you play a critical role in shaping FCC’s future.

Fresno City College has students as diverse as its creative needs. FCC encourages its departments and programs to create unique and distinct literature, which appeal to their specialized markets. Concurrently, we must treat certain elements of Fresno City College’s identity with unity and consistency.

Together we can maintain a strong identity for Fresno City College.

Graphic Services

Graphic design services are available to campus departments and instructors. These services include graphic design, preparation of artwork for printing or copying, mounting, laminating, color copying and large format printing.

All requests for graphic services must be submitted through the Graphic Services Work Request Form. For more information or questions specific to graphic services, please contact the Print Media & Communication department at Fresno City College.

Contact Information