Typography provides the framework for the content of Fresno City College’s printed and multimedia communications. Maintaining consistency at the level of typography helps create an overall cohesive brand identity. Two font sets have been selected for maximum flexibility.

Printed Publications

This set is intended for use in printed materials and includes Adobe Garamond, a serif font and Futura, a sans-serif font. These type families were chosen for their superior structure, flexibility, multiple variations, and wide-spread availability.

Both Adobe Garamond and Futura can be used for headings and body text, however, Adobe Garamond is the preferred font for body text. These fonts were meant to be used together. When designing publications try using one font for all headlines, callout text, and bullet lists; use the other for the body text.

Adobe Garamond

Adobe Garamond comes in a varity of styles and weights—below are just a few:
Adobe Garamond Regular
Adobe Garamond Regular Samples

Adobe Garamond Bold
Adobe Garamond Bold Sample

Adobe Garamond Italic
Adobe Garamond Italic Sample

Adobe Garamond comes bundled with Microsoft Office—if you have Office, you have Adobe Garamond. However, if you don't have Adobe Garamond, it is available for purchase at Fonts.com by Monotype Imaging.


Futura comes in a varity of styles and weights—below are just a few:

Futura Book
Futura Book Sample

Futura Bold
Futura Bold Sample

Futura Book Italic
Futura Italic Sample

If you do not have Futura, it is available for purchase at Fonts.com by Linotype.

Multimedia and Web

This set is intended for multimedia/web use and includes serif and sans-serif cross-platform alternatives.The fonts in this set are known as “browser safe fonts” because they are available by default on Windows and Mac computers and will render correctly in all browsers.

Here is a complete list of common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents.

Cross Platform Equivalents

Font Name Usage
Arial, Helvetica Body text
Verdana, Geneva Body text
Trebuchet MS, Helvetica Headers
Times New Roman, Times Alternate text, emphasis