Colors are an important part of Fresno City College's brand identity system. Color palettes have been developed to help ensure uniformity and quick brand recognition in campus publications.

Official Colors

Fresno City College’s official colors are Red PMS 199 (in the Pantone Matching System) and white. In printed material white can be substituted with black. When it is impractical to use these colors, the logo may be printed in black, in a solid color, or reversed out of a solid background color. Reference the logo page for more details about logo usage.

Pantone 199 Swatch
R 208 G16 B 58
C 0 M 100 Y 65 K 0

Pantone Process Black
PANTONE Process Black
R 30 G30 B 30
C 0 M 0 Y 0 K 100

Secondary Colors

When choosing colors for advertisements and publications it is important that the palette compliment the official colors. Please choose colors that rich in value and saturation. Primary and secondary color hues are the obvious choice. Jewel tones and greyscale palettes will also work. Please stay away from pastels and pale and muted colors.

Web Color Palette

Fresno City College's web communication adheres to the following color scheme. The dark colors provide the contrast needed to meet accessibility requirements. The gold is for minimal use for drawing attention and not for text. Examples of this color palette can be seen at Fresno City College's website and Twitter page.

HTML #8D191B

HTML #A80000

HTML #333333

HTML #58595B


HTML #000000