Health Requirements

To attend Fresno City College as an International Student there are two requirements and one recommendation:

For more information on FCC Health Services visit our Health Services Website

Tuberculosis Clearance

Before you may register for classes, you will need to a receive TB clearance from a Nurse in our Health Services Office.  This process may take place as part of our New Student Orientation. You will: 

  • Visit our Nurse in ST- 112 for information and guidance.
  • If available, present a chest x-ray in English or previous clearance from last 6 months. 
  • Take a Quantiferon Blood Test at a Quest lab with a referral from our FCC Nurse.  Cost of test to student is $52.00 and will be paid at our Business Office. 
  • Nurse will contact you with results in 2-3 days.  
  • Bring your clearance form to the International Office to clear your TB Hold. 

Health Insurance

Medical expenses in the United States are expensive so it is extremely important for our international students and all family members to have adequate health insurance. International students attending Fresno City College are required to have a comprehensive medical insurance policy. This is provided by LewerMark and is paid for by each student the time of enrollment. 

Please follow the instructions on this Payment Portal Guide to purchase your student health insurance.

You can visit LewerMark for the following services:

  1. Purchase your health insurance
  2. Print your ID Card
  3. Plan Summary
  4. Plan Brochure
  5. Search for a Doctor

If you have trouble accessing any of the features listed above, please contact LewerMark.

Phone: 800.821.7710


Health Insurance Terms

Doctors, Hospitals, and other health care providers who have contracted to provide specific medical care at negotiated prices.  

Doctors, Hospitals, and other health care providers who have not agreed to any prearranged fee schedule. Insured person may incur significant out-of-pocket expenses with these providers. Charges that exceed insurance payment are the Insured’s responsibility. 

A sudden, serious, and unexpected sickness or injury. If absence of immediate medical attention, a reasonable person could believe that these conditions would result in serious impairment of bodily functions or death. If the emergency room doctor states your visit is a non-emergency, the insurance company may not pay your bills.  

This is the amount of money you will have to pay towards a medical bill before he insurance company pays. 

This is the specific dollar amount which you must pay to a provider or pharmacy at the time of service. 

A remedy that prevents or slows the course of an illness or disease. Any routine physical examinations or routine testing; screening exams or testing in the absence of an injury or sickness. 

Facilities that provide health care without requiring an appointment.  

Such facilities are typically open during daytime, weekends and evenings and are ideal for treating situations that are not life-threatening, but do need to be addressed without waiting to make an appointment with a physician.  Services are much more cost-effective than those provided in an emergency room visit (see above), and Urgent Care will ultimately cost you less than care provided at an emergency room. 

Immunization Records

It is recommended you bring your immunization and health records (with English translation) with you to the U.S.   It is not required for admission to Fresno City College, but some majors and classes require specific immunizations.  These records might also be required if you transfer to another school, so it is a very good idea to have them with you during your stay in the U.S.