Leon S Peters Honors Orientation


Congratulations on your admission to the Leon S. Peters Honors Program.  We're excited that you are taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity.  The following orientation steps are designed to ensure your success here at Fresno City College.

It is important to check your Fresno City College email daily as it is the primary way the college communicate with students. All Honor’s Program announcements will be sent to students’ Fresno City College email. To activate your email, please view the following My Portal Video Tutorial.

This event will allow you to meet the faculty and staff, gain insight about program expectations and benefits and meet with a counselor to create a Student Educational Plan Abbreviated (SEPA) to map out your first semester of courses at Fresno City College. You will receive an email invitation with the orientation information.

All Honor’s Students must attend this event!

Meet with an Honor’s Program Counselor to create a Student Educational Plan Abbreviated (SEPA) to appropriately place you in the correct courses for your first semester at Fresno City College. Honor’s Program advising sessions information will be email.

To make an appointment call 559-442-8290 or go online.

Register for the courses as planned on the SEP that you created with your counselor. Please visit New Student Registration Resources for registration assistance.