Chapter 30 Montgomery G.I. Bill

You may be eligible to receive MGIB benefits while you’re on active duty or after you’re separated from active duty. MGIB provides education benefits to Veterans and Service members who have at least two years of active duty. Eligibility requirements are set by law and are complex.

Please follow these 3 Steps to start your benefits at F.C.C.

Chapter 30 Checklist to guide you through the process.

You will be certified for your benefits only after all documents have been submitted to the FCC VRC.

Documents to Determine Eligibility for Step 1

The FCC VRC will require the following documents:

You may email or bring them into our office.


  1. Contact Form: Please fill out the Contact Form to give our office your contact information.
  2. Apply to the V.A.:
    1. Apply on-line at VON App and fill out Form 22-1990 (Application for Educational Benefits).
    2. 2 to 8 weeks after applying you will receive a Letter of Eligibility in the mail, please email it or bring a copy into the FCC VRC.
    3. If you attended and used benefits at a previous college, please fill out the V.A. Form 1995.
  3. Military Credit Evaluation (MCE) in File:
    1. Petition: The Petition for College Credit allows us to process your MCE.
    2. DD-214 Member 4: A DD-214 Member 4 Copy. If you have more than 1 DD-214 (National Guard/ Reserve, or served multiple non-consecutive terms), please bring in all of them.
    3. Joint Service Transcripts / CCAF:
      1. Access your unofficial JST’s
      2. Air Force
    4. MCE takes about 2 weeks to be completed.

Step 1 is required to be completed before moving on to Step 2


  • The SEP is developed by the veterans’ counselor and the student.
  • The Veterans’ Counselor will also evaluate the student’s prior college transcripts to determine which credits will transfer to FCC.
  • The SEP is a list of all the classes that the Veterans’ Dependents must attend to obtain their educational goal.

Documents to Determine Eligibility for Step 3


  1. Registration:
    • After receiving your SEP from the Veterans’ Counselor, your next step is to register for classes on WebAdvisor (access through MyPortal) using your SEP as a list. Keep in mind the V.A. will not pay for classes not on your SEP.
  2. Official Schedule from Admissions Office:
    • After you register for your classes you must bring a copy of your official schedule from the admissions office only - not from WebAdvisor!
  3. Control Card:
    • To be completed in the Veterans Office before the beginning of every semester. This card is signed by the veteran to give authorization for the Veterans’ Certifying Official to certify you for your education benefits with the V.A so you can get paid on time.