Faculty Services

The Admissions and Records staff is here to assist you with student petitions, roster management and grade submission. We are located in the Student Services Building, downstairs. Our normal office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. During the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters, we have extended hours Monday through Thursday until 6:00 p.m.

Important Instructions

The Faculty Services page provides many forms and instructions for instructors such as:

  • Census Roster Certification
  • Instructor Grading
  • Faculty Drop Instructions
  • Reinstating Students Dropped in Error

Instructor Administrative Grade Change

If you have submitted an incorrect grade, you can administratively change that grade by completing and submitting the Instructor Admin Grade Change Form. When completing the form you will need to identify specific assignments, correct scores, etc. that support the revision. After completing the form, print, sign, and submit it with the corrected hard copy of roster to the Admissions and Records counter.  Instructor Administrative Grade Change Form

Instructor Add/Drop Instructions

Adding Students:

Only students who appear on your Opening roster should be allowed to remain in your class without being officially added to your roster. If you wish to accept waitlisted and/or extra students, faculty with on campus classes must issue a ‘Student Add Label’ affixed to a ‘WebAdvisor Instruction’ sheet to the student. Faculty with online and hybrid classes may email the section number and authorization code to the student.

WebAdvisor Instruction sheets are available in the Building 'A' Mailroom or at the Division Offices. Your initial supply of Student Add Labels will be delivered to your mail box with your initial roster. Additional Student Add Labels may be obtained by contacting the Records Specialist in the Admissions and Records office.

  • Student Adds - Students must use their Student Add Label within the ‘Add Period’, the first 20% of the class. If you give out these labels on the last day of the Add Period, warn the student that they must be used before the end of the business day (5 pm).  
  • Student Reinstatements - If a student has been dropped in error during the Refund Period (the first 10% of the class), you may reinstate them by giving them a Student Add Label. If the Refund Period has passed, have the student complete, print and sign the Reinstatement Petition and give it to you for approval. After you have approved and signed this petition, it may be turned in to the Admissions and Records office. The Reinstatement Petition cannot be used if the student was never registered in that section. Reinstatement Petitions are not accepted after the final day of class. Reinstatement Petition
  • Adding after the deadline - If you must add a student after the Add period has ended, the add must be approved by your Division Dean. Please contact your Division Office for complete instructions for approvals of these adds.  

Dropping Students:

Faculty are required to drop no-show students prior to the Census Date of the class, and drop students appropriately to their situation prior to the final drop date of the class. If you have forgotten to drop a student and the census date has passed or that student was added with an authorization code, you will not be able to drop that student as a no-show.

  • Student No Show - These are students who are reported as enrolled on your Opening Roster, but never attended a class session. Students who add the class, with the use of a Student Add Label must be dropped as “Student Attended Class”.
  • Student Attended Class - These are students who added the class and/or have attended the class a minimum of one class session and have stopped attending. The last date to drop students is available on WebAdvisor under the ‘Faculty Drops Roster'.

Transaction E-mails:

Records of enrollment and withdrawal activity will be distributed via e-mail daily as activity occurs. If you wish to verify student adds and drops you can check your roster on WebAdvisor. If you do not have an e-mail address recorded with the District, check with your Division for a campus email address.

Short Term Classes

Short-term class Census date and Final Drop date vary depending upon the number of meeting dates of the class or if it is an online class. The Census date is printed on the Opening Roster and both the Census and Final Drop dates are viewable at the top of the WebAdvisor ‘Faculty Drops Roster’ page for that specific class.

The final day to add a student without your Dean's approval or to drop a student without a “W” is the day before the census date