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Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE)

The cooperation of Fresno City College, business, industry and the community makes it possible for our students to earn elective credit toward a degree and/or a certificate of achievement through employment in fields closely related to their vocational college majors.

College Credit

For the satisfactory completion of Cooperative Work Experience Education, the college will grant credit as follows:

  • Work Experience Education - Effective Spring 2015, enrollment is limited to 6 units maximum in your lifetime. The course is repeatable until either the 6 unit limit has been met or until you have met the 16 unit per lifetime combined maximum for General and Vocational Work Experience.
  • Vocational Work Experience Education - No more than 8 units per semester with a 16 unit per lifetime combined maximum for General and Vocational Work Experience.

Complete information regarding the Cooperative Work Experience Program may be obtained by viewing the Cooperative Work Experience Program Guide. Also additional information is available from the one page Cooperative Work Experience Program Important Reminders for Students flier.


You can qualify for the Cooperative Work Experience Education Program (per Title 5, Part VI, Division 6, Subchapter 3, Section 55254 of the California Code of Regulations) if:

  • You are currently enrolled in classes and are employed for the full semester.
    Fall and Spring - Students must be enrolled in the work experience course and one other course for the entire semester.
    Summer - Enrollment in another course is optional.
  • Your work supervisor is located in the Fresno City College service area and is easily accessible to the instructor.
  • You have either declared a major related to the Vocational Work Experience course in which you register or enroll in a class directly related to that Vocational Work Experience course (does not apply to General Work Experience).
  • You are employed in an occupation which provides experience directly related to your Associates Degree vocational major if you are enrolled in a Vocational Work Experience Course.

How to Enroll

Students interested in enrolling in Cooperative Work Experience Education are advised to first contact Counseling or the CWEE instructor through that subject’s Division office in order to determine the appropriate work experience course. Those students qualified to enroll will need to register at the Admissions and Records counter, bottom floor of the Student Services building.

Vocational Work Experience courses are listed in the schedule under each vocational subject, and always have a course number of 19 (i.e. CHDEV-19). General Work Experience courses are always listed as Work Experience 19 (WKEXP-19).

Majors and Areas of Study

Vocational Work Experience credit are available in the following areas:

  • Allied Health (Autism Certification)* and **
  • Automotive Tech GM ASEP**
  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Business & Technology
  • Child Development
  • Computer Information Tech.
  • Criminology*
  • Education
  • Fashion Merchandising*
  • Food Service Management
  • Human Services***
  • Medical Assisting* and **
  • Marketing
  • Paralegal
  • Recreation
  • Registered Nursing**
  • Respiratory Care* and **

* Not offered every semester
** Special Programs - Instructor referral required
*** Prerequisites and Co-requisites required to enroll in HS 19A and HS 19B

Actual class offerings may vary by semester dependent upon the availability of instructors.

Cooperative Work Experience

Cooperative Work Experience Guide