Spring Student Art (2020)

Art Space Gallery is excited to present the 2020 Student Art Exhibition online for the first time.

Every spring, Fresno City College students enrolled in an art course are invited to submit their work to be considered for the annual Student Art Exhibition. This year, in according with safe physical distancing practices, the exhibition moved to an online submissions format, and was juried by FCC Art Faculty via Zoom. Over 70 works of art were submitted: work by 27 students was selected for the exhibition. The show was then installed and photographed by Art Space Gallery curator Elena Harvey Collins. The quality of work submitted by FCC students is always very high, and this year was no exception, despite the very difficult circumstances. Thank you to our amazing students for sharing your beautiful work with us. We hope you enjoy these installation views of the exhibition.


Elexis Angulo, Julia Armstrong, Diane Barner, Savannah Berg, Khaliq Bashir, Elaine Blake, Jameelah Brooks, Alonso Cabello, Gabby Castro, Sarah Crecelius, Tatiana Fabian, Veronica Garcia, Joie Siakovich-Inshaw, Delia Huerta, Mai Her, Tau Hill, Alan Jameson, Angela Layne, Lyndsie Lyman, Miriam Ouassou, Faith Randolph, Idaly Rodriguez, Rachel Rose, Alessa Sandoval, Danielle Shaw, Thelma Valdez, Joyce Yang.

The following awards have been given by Fresno City College Art Instructors:

  • Best in Show: Khaliq Bashir
  • First Place: Elexis Angulo
  • And in recognition of outstanding work, four additional prizes were awarded to Alonso Cabello, Elaine Blake, Delia Huerta, and Rachel Rose.


installation view 1
1. Installation view, Student Art Exhibition, Art Space Gallery, Fresno City College, May 2020.


Installation view 2
2. Installation view, Student Art Exhibition, Art Space Gallery, Fresno City College, May 2020. Foreground: Julia Armstrong, Green Rose, 2020, acrylic on canvas.


Installation View 3
3. Installation view, Student Art Exhibition, Art Space Gallery, Fresno City College, May 2020.


Acorn Teapot
4. Angela Layne, Acorn Teapot, 2020, glazed and fired ceramics. Background: works by Delia Huerta, Alessa Sandoval, and Miriam Ouassou.


5. Left: Miriam Ouassou, Heartbreak, 2020, charcoal on paper, 7 x 5 inches. Right: Delia V. Huerta, Anise, 2019, oil on canvas (Outstanding Work Award). 


6. Left: Elexis Angulo, Static, 2020, charcoal and pastel on paper. Center: Elaine Blake, Bristlecone Pine, 2020, oil on canvas (Oustanding Work Award), Right: Rachel Rose, Tuckborough, 2019, pastel on suede matte panel (Oustanding Work Award).


7. Foreground: Diane Barner, Vessel, 2020. Long wall, left to right: Elaine Blake, Ram’s Skull, 2020, oil on canvas, Rachel Rose, Rhosgobel, 2020, pastel on panel. Drawing grouping: Tau Hill, Livlaine, 2020, pastel on paper; Gabby Castro, The Stress Within, 2020, nupastel on paper; Faith Randolph, Kiss, 2020, pastel on paper; Danielle Shaw, The Hierophant, 2020, watercolor on paper; Hester Haynes, Daydream, 2020, ink on paper.


The hanged man
8. Left: Danielle Shaw, The Hanged Man, 2020, pastel on paper; Savannah Berg, Hand Study, 2020, charcoal drawing. Right grouping: Savannah Berg, Untitled, 2020, charcoal drawing; Mai Her, The Man Within, 2020, pastel on paper; Elexis Angulo, Lalo, 2020, pastel on paper (Winner, First Place).



9. Khaliq Bashir, The Forgotten Warrior, 2020, carved and glazed ceramic helmet, natural wood base, chain (Winner, Best in Show).


Graffiti is life
10. Alonso Cabello,  Graffiti is Life, 2020, lino cut print on paper; The Universal Currency, 2020, watercolor and ink on paper (Outstanding Work Award).


11. Foreground: Thelma Valdez, Birdbrain, 2020; Right, Idaly Rodriguez, Open Minded, 2020. Both glazed ceramic sculpture. Background wall: works by Miriam Ouassou, Delia Huerta, Joie Siakovich-Inshaw.


Natural Objects
12. Thelma Valdez, Natural Objects, 2020, color pencil on paper.


13. Joie Sakiovich-Inshaw, Shells, 2020, mixed media sculpture.


Stylized drawing
14. Left: Faith Randolph, Stylized Drawing, 2020 digital illustration. Right: Sarah Crecelius, 2020, Mirror, black and white digital photograph.


Floral Woman
15. Left to Right: Lyndsie Lyman, Floral Woman, 2020, woodcut on paper; Alan Jameson, Taro, 2020, lino cut print on paper; Angela Layne, Three Chicks, 2020, woodblock print on paper.


Untitled head
16. Left: Veronica Garcia, Untitled Head, 2020, glazed and fired ceramic sculpture. Right: Mai Her, The Beauty of the Long Neck Tribe, 2020, glazed and fired ceramic sculpture.


Calcium Breakfast
17. Left: Lyndsie Lyman, Calcium Breakfast, 2020, etching on paper; RIght: Joyce Yang, Untitled, 2020, acrylic on canvas.


Tatiana Fabian, Pisces, 2020, Danielle Shaw, Card 13 - Death, Jameelah Brooks, Natural Color Figure, 2020, all pastel on paper.