What is a Workflow

A workflow is the process that a page goes through to be copied from the Cascade Content Management System (CMS) to the public website.

The CMS is separate from the website.

When changes are made in the CMS, they are checked to ensure they meet accessibility requirements, graphic standards, branding, and website requirements.  Once these checks are complete, the manager of an area approves the content for accuracy.  

The approved content is then sent to the website.  The process of publishing content to the website may take a few minutes to a few hours depending on the schedule and demand. 

Workflow Help for Managers

Change Step Assignment

How to change assignment of a step

Some steps allow for assignment to be changed.  

Once you have taken a step, you can reassign it to someone else in your group.  Select your name and a list will open.  You may then select someone else.  The step will then be assigned to that person.


This is helpful if you realize that someone else should look over the page before it moves on to the next step. 

Content Workflow Types

Webpage Workflows


  1. Accessibility & Web Standards Check
  2. Manager Approval
  3. Publish to live website

Document Workflows


  1. Document Accessibility Check
  2. Admin Verification
  3. Document Publish on Website

Document Workflow Details