Major Requirements

Each major has requirements that must be met before a degree or certificate is awarded.

Certificate Requirements

To complete a Certificate of Achievement (CA) or Certificate Program (CN) which include Career and Technical Education (CTE) and specialized occupational skills at Fresno City College, you must complete the Major requirements only. The number of units required varies.

Associate Degree Requirements

To complete an Associate Degree (AA/AS) at Fresno City College, you must complete the Major Requirements and the FCC General Education (GE) Requirements.

Find your appropriate major sheet

  1. Select the associate degree or certificate you plan to pursue at Fresno City College.
  2. Select the appropriate catalog year.  Consult with a counselor or refer to the college catalog.

Note: Every effort has been made to ensure the information relating to the specific major sheets published is accurate. The major sheets are used as an advising tool only. Students and counselors should check the major sheets alongside the FCC catalog, which is the official documentation for major requirements. Since the major sheets are only updated once a year, they are subject to change without notice.

For questions relating to the major sheets, please contact the Articulation Officer at 559.442.8098.