Transfer Day | September 9, 2020

Instructions for Campus Representatives

We're excited that you'll be attending FCC's Transfer Day!  Below you'll find 1) a description of how our Virtual Transfer Day will work, 2) a list of resources we need from you, and 3) a growing list of Frequently Asked Questions.  We've also created some examples of how we're constructing our Virtual Transfer Day.  Please send us items from the following list as soon as possible, so that we can get your campus' "booth" set up.  

Transfer Day will occur on this webpage and include the following elements.

  1. Eventually, these instructions will be replaced by a Welcome to Students describing to them how our Virtual Transfer Day will work.
  2. There will be a schedule identifying any events on the actual day (9/9/20).  For example: The Transfer Day Fair (when reps are available to interact with students), Workshops or Campus Presentations.
  3. Next there will be an alphabetical listing of all campuses with a link to their Virtual Booth.
  4. On the remainder of the site, each campus' Virtual Booth will be grouped by UC's, CSU's In-State-Private's and Out-Of-State Schools.

Essentially, we're trying to replicate what normally happens during a traditional Transfer Day.  Students come to the event at a time that best works in their schedule, they look for the campuses they're interested in, they pick-up some promotional materials and they interact with a Campus Rep.  They'll be able to do all of those things on this webpage.

  1. At a minimum, we would like links to the following information:
    • Virtual campus tour
    • List of majors and minors
    • Transfer admissions information page
    • A "Why ____" page telling students "Why" to transfer to your institution 
  2. Recruiter/Rep information including:
    • Headshot of the Campus Representative who'll be virtually attending our fair.
    • Campus Rep's name and email
    • Link to Zoom or other account that will be used for student interaction during the fair. We would recommend Zoom because our students are familiar with it.
  3. Provide a banner image for your your booth.  Preferably the image needs to be 1000px wide by 300px tall at 72dpi (we can edit the size of your image if needed).  See examples below (we'll insert the campus rep headshot).
  4. Any other information you would like highlighted (brochures, videos, webpage's, etc.) All materials must be hosted on another site, and links provided to the FCC Transfer Center.
  5. Let us know if you would like to host a workshop or live presentation.
  6. Please send all images, links and information to David Shoemaker Please try to have all items to us by August 15th.  

Campus Rep FAQ's

  1. We will conduct a targeted email marketing campaign that will direct students to this page.
  2. There will be a promotional banner on the front page of our website.
  3. We will also be giving our faculty promotional information that they can share with students.
  4. Additionally, we'll be encouraging students to visit the Transfer Day site before September 9th so that they can do some research to help them decide which Campus Reps they want to visit during the Transfer Day Fair.

No.  Many campuses are already using Zoom.  If you're campus doesn't, you can create a free account at  

No. If you prefer to use another option, (Google Meet, Skype, etc) be sure to give us the proper contact information.  We recommend Zoom, because our students are familiar with it.  However, you may use any videoconferencing tool available to you as long as it doesn't require our students to pay a fee to use it.

The period between 9am-1pm on September 9th is the Transfer Day Fair. During this time we would like students to be able to drop-in on Zoom sessions with Campus Reps. Just like a traditional fair where you may have 4 or 5 students in front of your table, you could have 4 or 5 students in your Zoom session.  It is your choice whether you want to talk to students individually in order of appearance or you could turn it into a free flowing group Q & A session.

However, you're also welcome to give us a link that allows students to create an online appointment with you later that day (or any time).  We'll include that in your contact information on your Virtual Booth.

While it is our hope that our assigned Campus Rep would be the one to attend virtually this year, we understand that this isn't possible.  Please provide us a photo and contact information for our assigned rep and a photo and name of the rep attending the Transfer Day Fair.

While these products are fancy, they do have a substantial cost that may not be worth it.  Additionally, we want to make this event as easy to access for our students as possible.  Finally, the advantage of creating this webpage is that we can use it year-round.  It'll be a resource for our students to research transfer options and connect with Campus Reps.

Please contact our Transfer Center Coordinator, David Shoemaker


September 9, 2020

9am - 1pm Transfer Day College Fair

10am-11am Transfer Scholarship Workshop

Participating Colleges and Universities

University of California

UC Merced

Campus Representative: Mariah Tresvant


Explore UC Merced

Why UC Merced:

Virtual Campus Tour:


Transfer Information:

California State University

Fresno State

Campus Representative: Louise Pacheco


Explore Fresno State

Virtual Campus Tour:


Transfer Information:

California Private

Fresno Pacific Unversity

Campus Representative: Molly Tatum


Explore Fresno Pacific University

Virtual Campus Tour:


Transfer Information: