University Outreach Events

CSU Virtual Event's  Events vary from virtual campus tours, presentations that are major specific and other useful transfer information. Some events may be in person. Please read the event details. 

CSU Transfer Outreach Representatives

Schedule an appointment with Louise Pacheco or Email Louise Pacheco, for general admission questions. 

Helpful Links:

Register for a Nursing Webinar All prospective nursing students will need to register and attend a Nursing webinar prior to your counselor's meeting.  

Schedule an appointment according to you major: Search for your major (listed in alphabetical order) On the right hand side you will see the link to book with that major specific counselor. 

In person appointments at FCC: Come speak to a Fresno State Representative and get your questions answered. In person at Fresno City College; in the Transfer Center ST-200. Call the Transfer Center to scheudle an appointment 559-442-8290.

Schedule an appointment with Jennifer Herzog or Email Jennifer Herzog, to discuss the transfer process to Humboldt University. 

Helpful Links:

Transfer Eligibility: Visit this page to learn what is needed before you transfer to Humboldt University, stay updated on transfer deadlines and learn about the campus resources available for transfer students. 


UC Transfer Outreach Representatives

Email Nancy Olguin , for your questions regarding the transfer process to UC Merced.    

 Helpful Links: 

How to Create a UC TAP: Watch this tutorial on how to create your UC TAP application. 

Transfer Preparation Program: Provides specialized ongoing support to underrepresented and undeserved students. Students can gain access to this additional resource by checking the "Transfer Prep Program" box on the UC TAP tool.

Email Michael Cervantes, for your questions regarding the transfer process to UC Berkley.

Helpful Links: 

Transfer Resources: Learn about TAP- Transfer Academic Planner, Connnect with their transfer center and learn about the next steps for you as a transfer applicant. 

Schedule an appointment Dayana Rivas  or Email Dayana Rivas to discuss the transfer process to UCLA. 
Phone: 310.267.5863

Virtual Monthly Transfer Presentations: Learn about the admissions process for transfer students and get all of your questions answered during these presentations.  


Email Maria Salazar to discuss the transfer process to UC Riverside.
Phone: 951.827.6011

General Admissions Presentation: Learn about UCR campus life and general transfer requirements. Click on the link to register in advance.   


Schedule an appointment with Chanyce Rose to discuss the transfer process to UC Santa Barbara.

Register for Virtual events: Topics vary throughout the year and include webinars on Transfer Admission at UCSB, the UC Transfer Admission Planner, the UCSB Transfer Admission Guarantee, and more.

Schedule an appointment with Jenny Moreno or Email Jenny Moreno to discuss the transfer process to UC Santa Cruz. 

Virtual Presentations: presentations range from campus tours, financial aid information and Q&A session. Use the link to RSVP for selected events. 

Private University Transfer Outreach Representatives

Schedule a Virtual appointment with Emma Heinrichs or Email Emma Heinrichs to learn more about transfer requirements to Fresno Pacific University- Traditional Daytime Program. 

Helpful Links: 

Fresno Pacific's Virtual and In Person Events: Stay updated about Fresno Pacific's events. Both Virtual and in person event's are being offered through their campus. Every Wednesday join Transfer Talks from 5pm-7pm.  This serves as an open house where students can meet with counselors to learn more about the transfer process to their traditional undergraduate program. 

Virtual Weekly Events: Sign up for alerts and email invitations through this link. Various transfer topics are covered weekly.

Fresno Pacific Enrollment Express: Join FPU representatives for Enrollment Express where you’ll meet with representatives to learn more about registration, financial aid and other support available at FPU. November 15th, 2023; 12pm-6pm. Located in OAB 251.

Virtural Enrollment Express: December 8, 2023; 12pm-6pm. Join FPU for their one-day enrollment event via zoom where they make finishing your degree as easy as possible. Receive academic advising, learn about financial aid, and student support services. Take the next step in your education and career

Schedule an appointment with Mark Pittenger or Email Mark Pittenger  to discuss the transfer process to Fresno Pacific.  

Helpful Links:

Experience North Fresno Campus Event: August 18th 6pm- 7pm, Learn about each program, participate in a raffle, enjoy some free snacks and receive an application waiver code so you can apply to FPU for FREE!
Make sure to RSVP.

Facebook: Follow this university on social media to stay connected with upcoming events. 

Virtual Events: Learn more about Social Work, Health Care Administration and other various majors at these virtual events.   

Table Visits: Come speak to a Fresno Pacific Representative and get your questions answered. In person at Fresno City College at the south end of the lawn facing the Business Education building. January 31st, 9am-1pm, Febuary 9th, 12pm-5pm, Febuary 21st 9am-1pm, March 6th 9am-1pm.

Schedule an appointment with Emily Mcsane or Email Emily Mcsane to learn about admissions requirements for this university. 


Schedule an appointment with Samantha Cheek or Email Samantha Cheek, to learn about admissions requirements for this university. 

Table Visits: Come speak to a Grand Canyon Representative and get your questions answered. In person at Fresno City College right outside of the library; 10am-1pm, Sept27th. 



Schedule an appointment with Monir Masoud or Email Monir Masoud, to learn about the admissions requirements for National University. 
Phone: 619.457.1200

Schedule an appointment with Jermain Rucker or Email Jermaine Rucker to learn more about the admissions requirements for this university.

Phone: 858.461.8103

Helpful Links:

Apply today: Get started on your application by using the following link.

Transfer Resources: Learn about transfer agreements and gain use of tools such as I-transfer to see how your classes can count towards your future degree.  

WUE AwardThe University of Idaho offers the WUE scholarship program to qualifying students from all WUE states, regardless of GPA.

List of Majors: See what classes are needed for your degree. Majors are listed in alphabetical order.  

FAFSA Application: Use this link to start your FAFSA application.  

Virtual Campus Tour: Use this tool to view this beautiful campus virtually. You may also schedule a live tour. 


Schedule an appointment with Michelle Blanacas or Email Michelle Blanacas, to learn about the admissions requirements for this university. 
Phone: 559.625.4436

Schedule an appointment with Seannon Jones or Email Seannon Jones to learn about admissions requirements for this university. 

Helpful Links:

Transfer Pathway for FCC student: Learn about transfer pathways set up for FCC students. Rather you are on the path to graduate or completed a completed of units, there may be a pathway for you. 

WGU Community College Partner Scholarship. This scholarship, valued up to $2,500, is available for partner community college graduates and staff looking to earn a WGU bachelor’s or master’s degree in information technology, business, teacher education, or healthcare. Deadline: Open

Back to School Scholarship. This scholarship is valued up to $2,500. Application Deadline 10/31/22

Online Access Scholarship. The scholarship will provide recipients with a New Student Online Access Scholarship Kit that includes a hotspot enabled laptop, complete with an external webcam for the duration that a student is active and in good standing. Deadline 6/30/23