University of California (UC) Transfer Information

University of California Logo          Map of UC campuses across California University of California Logo          Map of UC campuses across California

The nine Universities of California (UC) look to serve all those who work hard and dream big. Through their teaching, research and public service students are making a difference.


  1. How do you know what courses to take for your major? Visit for lower division major course requirements for UCs.
  2. When do I start my UC Transfer Admission Planner (UC TAP)? ASAP!! This will begin your communication with the UCs. TAP
  3. How do I get an Student Educational Plan? Make an appointment with a Fresno City College counselor to do an SEP (Student Educational Plan).
  4. What do I say to the Counselor to make sure I am getting the right courses for my goal? Explain to the counselor your transfer goal to the UC and what your major is. The counselor will use the IGETC general education requirements (if applicable) and will review major prep courses on to determine comparable courses related to your major.
    1. The best way to look into a UC and determine if it is the right fit for you is to visit: UC Admissions
    2. Begin a UC Application

Discover Your UC Student Panel: Are you planning on transferring to a University of California campus? Join UC administration for this special webinar where you will hear from transfer students currently enrolled at UC campuses! They will also go over the transfer admissions requirements and have Transfer Prep representatives behind the scenes available to answer your questions about navigating the UC application process.
Wednesday, November 15th 6PM-7PM
Registration is required 
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