Excel Intermediate Training

Program Details

Program Highlights

  • Boost your EXCEL skills with half-day workshops
  • Become more productive and efficient with your spreadsheets
  • Strengthen the visual impact of your numerical data
  • Learn new things about EXCEL that you didn't know were even possible

Who Should Attend

  • Working professionals who want to enhance their performance and productivity with EXCEL

Creating Advanced Formulas & Data Analysis

In this workshop, you will learn how to use range names in formulas and functions, as well as how to use specialized functions. You will also learn how to analyze data by using text, logical, lookup, date, and financial functions. By learning how to use advanced formulas and functions, Excel will save you time and reduce errors when conducting data analysis.

Organizing Worksheet Data with Tables & Charts

This workshop will teach you how to create and modify tables, sort and filter data, use subtotal features, and work with database functions. You will learn how to create charts, as well as modify and format existing charts. You will also learn how to create a trendline and create advanced charts.

Using PivotTables, PivotCharts, & Graphics

This workshop will teach you how to create a PivotTable, filter data using slicers, and analyze data using PivotCharts. During this session, you will also learn how to insert, modify, layer, and group graphical objects. You will also take a look at how to incorporate SmartArt into workbooks.

Enhancing Workbooks & Class Project

In this final session, you will learn how to customize workbooks, manage themes, and create and use templates. Protecting files and preparing a workbook for multiple audiences will also be covered. This session also includes a "Bring It All Together" class project to test all newly acquired skill sets.


Class Dates & Times

Class Location

SCCCD Herndon Campus, 390 W Fir Avenue, Building A, Room 105, Clovis, CA 93611

Registration Fee

  • $320 - Per Person, All 4 Sessions, Class Materials
  • $99 - With ETP for Qualifying Companies
    • Qualifying companies can send employees for a discounted rate of $99 (all 4 sessions) through the Employment Training Program (ETP) funded by the Employment Training Tax. Contact Celia Zamora for additional information.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received up to five (5) working days before the course start date are refundable, minus a $25 processing fee. After that, cancellations are subject to the entire course fee. Please note that if you don't cancel and don't attend, you are responsible for payment.

Space is limited! Online registration in advance is required. Call Celia Zamora at 559.243.7534 with questions.