Background Check/Drug Screen and Health Requirements

Fresno City College Nursing program has partnered with American Data Bank(ADB)/Complio as the repository for your immunization records. ADB is a secure platform that allows you to order your compliance and screening packages online. The information required for registration and submission of immunization records will be provided at the new student orientation. Contact the Nursing Department for further information.

After you complete the order process and create an account, you can log in to your account to monitor your order status, view your results, respond to alerts, and complete your requirements.

Drug screen: The Background and drug screen check is a onetime inquiry unless assigned clinical at Coalinga State Hospital or the student takes longer than 2 years to complete our program. Any changes by facility partners must also be observed.

Health Requirements

Fresno City College Nursing program students are required to meet the following program health requirements prior to entry into the nursing program each semester. If a student does not meet the deadline, the student will not be allowed to enter or continue in the program.

  • Physical Exam
  • Rubeola (measles; 2 doses) vaccine or positive Rubeola titer
  • Rubella vaccine or positive Rubella titer
  • Tuberculin tests*
    *The TB tests requirement is one of the following within 90 days of initial patient contact:
    • 2 step TB test
    • Negative TB skin test 2 times within 21 days
    • A negative QuantiFERON blood test in the last 90 days
    • A negative Chest X-ray over 1 year old will require a note from your MD stating your TB test is positive and your X-ray is negative.
    • A negative Chest X-Ray under a year fulfills this requirement.
  • Hepatitis B Immunization series or positive titer
  • Polio vaccine (3 doses)
  • Mumps (1 dose) vaccine or positive titer. Note: The MMR vaccine immunizes for measles, mumps and rubella.
  • Tetanus-diphtheria (3 dose primary series with a booster every ten years)
  • Pertussis in the past 10 years. Typically given in combination with Tetanus and diphtheria.
  • Varicella (chicken pox; 2 doses) vaccine or positive varicella titer
  • Influenza (annual immunization each fall)
  • COVID - fully vaccinated equals: 2 weeks after the second dose in a two-dose series such as Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson's Janssen vaccine. Medical and/or religious exemptions must be cleared with the Director of Nursing. 

The health requirements policy meets the requirements of all clinical facilities used by Fresno City College Nursing program. If different, then the strictest policy prevails.

Required immunizations are due by the first day of each semester. If non-compliant with completion of required immunizations (and uploaded into vaccination management system, like American Data Bank) by first clinical day of class, student may not participate in clinical class and will receive a zero for that day, and for each clinical day of non-compliance thereafter, every semester.  Student may be dropped from the clinical course after two absences.

Fresno City College Health Services, in cooperation with Quest Diagnostics Lab, may be able to assist students in obtaining the required immunizations and titers. 

Note: All nursing students are required to have a physical examination by a medical provider, MD, NP, PA. The medical provider is attesting to the fact that the student is capable of carrying out the duties of an R.N. as specified in this handbook as Essential Job functions of a Registered Nurse. In addition, the medical provider is documenting that the student is free of any diseases, physical or mental limitations that would impair the student, be harmful to those around them, or make it unlikely for them to provide safe effective nursing care to the patients under their care. The student should not be under the influence of any controlled or uncontrolled substances. The Nursing Department will provide the examination forms that must be completed by the healthcare provider. The Nursing Department accepts this form only which is handed out during the mandatory orientation meeting. 

Criminal Background Check

The Joint Commission, the major accreditation body for hospitals, requires that all staff members, including students, meet standards relating to criminal background checks and freedom from drugs. Should a clinical agency refuse to allow the program to place a student based on the outcome of either the background check or drug screen, the program is not responsible for arranging alternate clinical placement.

Student must agree that all results are available to the nursing program and the clinical sites associated with the program. Students are responsible for costs associated with the criminal background check and drug screen.