Opportunities for Student Involvement

Nursing students are invited to participate in the Fresno City College Nursing Program in several ways.

Student representatives are invited to attend nursing faculty meetings and to participate on various nursing faculty sub-committees.

The Epsilon Theta chapter of the Nursing Honor Society at Fresno City College is part of the Alpha Nu Nursing Honor Society.  The mission of the Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society is to recognize the academic excellence of students in the study of Associate Degree Nursing.  The society encourages the pursuit of advanced degrees in the profession of nursing as well as continuing education as a life-long professional responsibility.  Membership information is provided during the nursing program orientation and throughout the program.

The goal of the Fresno City College Registered Nursing Program Pinning Committee is to provide professional recognition of the work put forth by the graduating students.  A pinning committee will be formed at the beginning of each semester to fundraiser and coordinate the pinning ceremony, which is held at the end of each semester. 

All fourth semester students are encouraged to participate by volunteering as a committee member.  Committee membership promotes courage, commitment, and maturity, which in turn contribute to the life-long professional responsibilities of continuing education and accountability of the Registered Nurse.  Membership information will be announced each semester in the FCC RN Program Canvas.

The Fresno City College chapter of the Student Nurses Association (SNA) is part of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA).  It is devoted to fostering the professional development of nursing students and is part of the future voices of the nursing profession.  Announcements for meeting and other activities are posted by SNA representatives in the FCC RN Program Canvas.

Each semester the nursing department requests student feedback concerning their course and clinical experiences.  Agencies may also request student feedback about the quality of learning experiences in clinical facilities.  Additionally, students receive an end-of-program survey as well as an alumni survey.