Maintenance of Student Records

A file is created for each student following the receipt of a completed application to the Fresno City College Nursing Program. This file includes the program application and supporting documents submitted to the office as part of the application process. If a student is not chosen from the lottery, the file is retained for one year; otherwise, it is retained for eight years until the student either completes or withdraws from the Fresno City College Registered Nursing Program.

Access to Student Records

Student files in the nursing office are accessible only to college personnel (faculty, staff, and counselors), and the individual student or graduate (with proper identification). Files are to be reviewed by students under supervision of a faculty or staff member and may not be removed from the nursing office.

A student wishing to access his/her file in the nursing office must submit a request in writing to the Fresno City College Director of Nursing and make an appointment in advance. Students wishing to obtain a copy of their record will be charged the current duplicating rate for all copies made.

Following program completion, files of graduates are thinned by the Director of Nursing (or designee) to include the following items: Photo of the student (taken at time of program completion); selected clinical progress records. Records of completed skills for the Nursing Student Skills Checklist booklet for first and second semester are available from the nursing office.

Permanent student records are maintained by the FCC Office of Admissions and Records in the form of a student transcript.