Guidelines for using Nursing Skills Laboratory

The Nursing Skills Laboratory (NSL) provides a comprehensive learning environment with a focus on nursing skills practice. It is utilized by students throughout all four semesters of the Nursing Program and by other nursing and Allied Health Programs. The Nursing Skills Laboratory has simulated patient care areas and a simulation lab. Learning through scenario-based simulation provides an opportunity to integrate concepts and carry out the entire nursing process working as a member of a health care team in a risk-free environment. Students are oriented to the Nursing Skills Laboratory during the first week of the Nursing Program.

The following guidelines are provided to assist students in using the Nursing Skills Laboratory:

  • The NSL usually opens before the semester begins and remains open for a few weeks after the semester ends. The schedule is posted next to the NSL door. Students must sign in and out in order to use the NSL. Food and drink are not allowed in the main room.
  • Students will be oriented to the practice equipment and supplies for nursing skills. Because most supplies are recycled, students are urged to repackage supplies, when appropriate, and return everything to the storage areas in proper order. After practicing, patient care areas are to be left clean and tidy as one would in the hospital. New skills require practice. The more a student practices skills in the NSL, the better the student usually does in the clinical setting.
  • When learning how to perform a skill, read the required materials and view pertinent multimedia before practicing the skill. Manikins and models are available.
  • The skills lab is intended to be a simulated learning environment. Injections and invasive procedures will not be practiced on students or faculty at FCC or in clinical settings.
  • Skills lab uniform is required in the skills lab during practice and open hours.