How to Edit Content in the Cascade CMS

The Basics


name form

Discover why each page has three different names.

Section covers:

  • Filename
  • Display Name
  • Title

See what's in a Name

Display Options


Section Covers:

  • Display in side navigation
  • Full width vs Side Menu
  • Display banner images
  • Find banner images

Top of Content Form

Additional Options


Section covers:

  • Additional Content Area
  • Right Video Feature
  • Spotlights

The Extras

Content Row Basics

Content Row

Section content:

  • What are Content Rows
  • Add Content Rows
  • Rearrange Content Rows

What are Content Rows


WYSIWYG editor

Section content:

  • Symbols on editor
  • Menu options
  • Headings
  • Inserting images and video
  • Custom Classes
  • Links

Learn to use the editor

Content Row Types



Section content:

  • Creating an accordion
  • Adding accordion items
  • Rearranging accordion items

Working with Accordions

Calendar List

calendar list

Section content:

  • Creating a calendar list
  • Options

Check out the Calendar Option



Do NOT Use

Do NOT use the Event Calendar in the content row area your webpage.

One is already in the website.  We do not want the redundancy.


card example

Section content:

  • card layout options
  • card options

Organize with Cards


column example

Section content:

  • How many columns
  • Column Width options
  • "On Page" vs "Block"
  • Best Practice for images in columns

Design content using Columns

Link List

link list

Section Content:

  • Creating a link list item
  • Example

Learn about Link Lists

Responsive Table

link list

Responsive tables display data in a manner that is clear on the desktop and on a mobile device.

Section Content:

  • Creating data table
  • Table Options
  • Best Practice for tables

Create Data Tables