Tram Services

Tram Services is a courtesy service for students with verified permanent or temporary mobility disabilities that make walking long distances across campus difficult.

Tram Agreement form


  1. Obtain Medical Verification from a qualified medical professional 
  2. Medical verification needs to include the diagnosis and length of duration for the disability
  3. Schedule an online appointment to meet with a DSPS counselor to request Tram Services, or call 559.442.8237
  4. If you are approved for Tram Services, call 559.442.8237 to schedule an appointment to meet with a Tram Driver to develop your Tram schedule

  • You must be currently enrolled in classes to receive Tram services
  • You must provide a copy of your class schedule and meet with a Tram Driver to develop a Tram schedule  Campus Map
  • You must be at your pick-up point at the scheduled time
  • During periods of high volume, the Tram may only wait 5 minutes after your scheduled pick-up time
  • During periods of extremely high volume, there may be an occasional delay in service
  • To cancel a ride, call 559.442.8237
  • Scheduled students receive priority
  • Unscheduled students are picked up after scheduled students
  • Drivers are not responsible for personal belongings
  • Students are not allowed to leave items in the cart unattended
  • Tram services are provided on campus only at designated stops
  • Due to safety concerns and time constraints, drives are not allowed to drive on city streets or enter campus parking lots
  • Three "No Shows" without prior notice may result in services being temporarily suspended
  •  Students with suspended services must meet with their DSPS counselor to request reinstatement

Due to COVID-19 and Remote Learning, Tram hours are subject to change. Contact the DSPS office at 559.442.8237 for the current schedule.

To cancel a ride: 559.442.8237

Lead Driver: Molly Vang,, 559.442.8237 ext. 8708

DSPS Office: 559.442.8237

After hours emergency:
State Center Community College District
District Police Department
1940 N. Calaveras, Fresno, CA 93704
Emergency: 559.244.5911
Non-Emergency: 559.244.6140
Extreme Emergency: 9-1-1