Transition to College

The Transition to College Program provides outreach and support to local high school seniors who are currently being served under an IEP or Section 504 plan.  The TTC program is designed to connect high school students with the support and assistance that they will need to successfully transition to Fresno City College.


High School Seniors

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DSPS Steps to Success

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Dual Enrollment or High School Enrichment

  • High school students taking a Dual Enrollment or High School Enrichment college class are considered to be SCCCD students regardless of their status at their high school.
  • A high school IEP or 504 plan alone does not determine eligibility to receive academic accommodations in community college courses.
  • In order to become eligible for academic accommodations in a college course, students must:
  1. Self-identify as a student with a disability
  2. Apply to the DSPS program through the AIM student portal
  3. Upload a copy of the student's most recent IEP and Psychological report or, 504 plan (including diagnosis)
  4. Request accommodations
  5. Meet with a DSPS counselor to develop an Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP)
  6. Email a Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) of agreed-upon accommodations to their college course instructor(s) through their AIM student portal.

Follow up

After you submit your AIM application and all required documentation, a DSPS staff member will contact you to schedule your intake appointment.  Contact us at 559.442.8237 if you have any questions regarding your application status.

For additional information or

Phone voice/TDD: 559.442.8237
Fax: 559.499.6038
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